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10 Tips for High School Golfers

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1. Have 2 Warm Up Routines prior to matches a. One for when you have plenty of time to warm-up b. One for short time to warm up

2. Always be prepared the day before for your next match a. Balls, tees, Marker, Ball Markers, Rain Gear if needed, gloves, etc b. Check out the course online if you haven’t played it

3. Matches are sprints not marathons a. No Big Numbers – You don’t have enough time to recover b. Simple Mistakes so Bogey is worse score on a hole c. Don’t take a risk unless the risk will get you a full shot better on the hole d. Simple System for Scoring i. Go low on the Par 5s and Short Par 4s ii. Play to center of green on long par 4’s and par 3’s and make routine pars

4. Leave the School Work and the Social Time in the Clubhouse a. It’s very easy in matches to get distracted by what you have to do for homework still and other social stuff that clouds your brain from playing your best. Make a to-do list on the way to the course for what you need to do after the round and put it somewhere. Focus on Golf while you are golfing and then focus on the other stuff after.

5. On the Range a. Find Your Swing and Ball Flight Pattern for the Day b. Build Confidence in a Swing and Feeling c. Practice the Opening Tee Shot d. Work on Shots you will have to hit during the round e. Good players always work on rhythm, timing, balance, and grip pressure.

6. On the Putting Green a. Get Your Speed DIALED IN from long and short range. Needs to be automatic. b. Make Thirty 3-Footers for drilled consistent practice c. Practice some tough breaking putts with full routine. Notice your misses and adjust accordingly. Sometime its as simple as playing more break on your left to right putts.

7. On the Chipping Green a. Practice Basic Chips and Hard Pitches i. Get your feel down ii. Its all in the hands (softer the better)

8. Breathe and Relax a. All the best players still get nervous. High School golf is a great time to work on this stuff. Practice deep breathing before you tee off and throughout the round. You want to play all your rounds calm like awalk in the park.

9. Grind it Out a. The up and down you make on hole 2 might be the shot that wins you the match so pay attention and finish each hole with all of your willpower.

10. Have Fun! a. Golf is a game! You will always play better when it is fun. Be organized, be prepared, but have fun while you play. Unnecessary tension is EVIL!

Prepared for YOU! – By Chris Smeal, PGA – Founder of Future Champions Golf

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