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12/18: Pace of Play Tips

12/18: Pace of Play Tips

Hey all!  We wanted to share some Pace of Play Tips for Junior Golfers and Parents competing on the FCG Kids Tour and FCG KBS One Day Series Events.  This can be used at all levels but this is specific to these tournament levels.

#1 – Play ready golf and be ready to go.  

The only time you need to play in order is off the first tee when they announce your name.

#2 – Walk with Purpose

Walk quickly to your next shot, start your prep work on your walk, get your information, then react and play.

#3 – Be a team out there

Players and if there are caddies should work together with a purpose to play fast.  You will play better if the flow is better. Slow play is not fun but nothing can be done to help if everyone doesn’t do their part.

#4 – Put your bag on the fringe closest to the next tee box

Efficiency is key to save time out there.  If you can put your bag on the side of the green closest to the next tee will save a few seconds.

#5 – Be Organized 

Being a great player means you can handle all the things going on in a golf tournament including playing at the proper pace.  This needs to be an active part of your player development and not under looked.  Your organizational skills include being prepared before the first tee announcements (Ball, Ball Marker, Tees, Scorecard, Pencil, Range Finder)  You need a system for each of these things to manage them quickly and efficiently.

#6 – Keep up with the Group in Front of You

Obviously you can’t go faster than the group ahead of you so stay up with them. The definition of being behind them in the proper place is on par 4’s to arrive to the tee as the group ahead is finishing hitting their approach shots.

#7 – We would like the player who putts out first to head to the next tee and tee off

Be cautious and respectful as you walk to the next tee but go and get started on your routine and hit to keep pace moving.  Especially if your group is behind this has to happen!

If you have a question please contact us anytime we are here to help everyone!

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