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12/31: ANSHI becomes product sponsor for the 2020 FCG Callaway World Championship!

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ANSHI becomes product sponsor for the 2020 FCG Callaway World Championship!

“We are so excited to bring ANSHI on as a product sponsor for the 2020 FCG Callaway World Championship and we look forward to having their team at our Welcome Party on Sunday July 12th at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort.  Anshi is a tremendous product that can help everyone, and we can’t wait to share their story with the junior golfers and families worldwide”. Says Chris Smeal, Founder and President of Future Champions Golf

“ANSHI was born at the hospital bedside of my 7 year old daughter to bring her fast-relief for a wide range of issues from skin irritations to pain and swelling. Our hyper focus on topical and transdermal is simply because you get powerful relief without side effects. We are proud to be partnering with Future Champions Golf to bring our patented line of rubs to top junior golfers and their families! ” Says Janelle Donovan, Founder and CEO of Anshi

ANSHI will now be a part of one of the world’s largest and most exciting annual events in Junior Golf.  The welcome party is set up as a Junior Golf Expo with some of the best brands in golf, life, leisure, and more to create a fun afternoon and kick off the World Championship in style!  700 Junior golfers and their families will attend this special event. We have a DJ and other fun games and contests for everyone to participate.  All participants will register here and receive their tournament gifts and tournament information for the week.


As a modern health and wellness brand, ANSHI provides products and technology to help people feel better. ANSHI means gods gift in Sanskrit. Our line of simple, natural products came to life at the hospital bedside of our founder and ceo’s daughter. At just four years old, Raegan fell into a dangerous cycle of infections.  Inspired by her mother’s innate desire to help her child feel better fast, all our products use the skin, our largest organ, to deliver nature’s most powerful compounds. With less than 6 ingrediants, and no hidden carbs or sugar means you know exactly what you put on your skin. Fast-acting, multipurpose, and 100% natural, try ANSHI wet or dry to explore all the benefits of Himalyan Salt, Peppermint, Aloe and Turmeric across health and beauty. Learn more and shop now at

For all Future Champions Golf inquiries please contact

Chris Smeal

For all Anshi inquiries please contact
Janelle Donovan

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