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2/15: Tournament Exemptions Now Available for the Elite Invitational

2/15: Tournament Exemptions Now Available for the Elite Invitational

The following events will have exemptions available for the winners into the Elite Invitational later in 2023 for the Boys and Girls 15-18 Divisions.

Additionally the Top 3 Finishers at the 2023 Elite Invitational will earn an exemption into the 2024 FCG Callaway World Championship.

About the Elite Invitational

The Elite Invitational was founded in 2020 by Mason Carmel. A former standout junior golfer, Mason is now a teaching professional instructing junior, collegiate, and professional golfers worldwide. After injuries prevented Mason from pursuing a playing career of his own, he wanted to give back to the game he loves. Drawing on his own experiences, he created a high-level, invitational tournament. The event gives junior golfers the ability to showcase their skills in competitive conditions similar to those they will encounter as their careers progress. With a unique selection process based on a player’s graduating year instead of a player’s age, the tournament poses a different set of challenges than many other junior competitions. This highly ranked event will challenge the best around the world. By trying to emulate PGA/LPGA tour course set-ups, players will get a preview of the higher standard they will encounter as their careers develop and an opportunity to lay the foundation of their legacies. We look forward to hosting you and your family this November.

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