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3/15: FCG to Launch Digital Junior Golf Magazine This Week

3/15: FCG to Launch Digital Junior Golf Magazine This Week

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Dear Junior Golf Community,


We are so excited to launch the Future Champions Golf Digital Magazine in March 2021 to become the leading junior golf publication worldwide.  This is an exciting time in the game of golf as the sport is booming on all levels.  In recent years, golf was really only growing in competitive golf but since the pandemic hit and people’s interests have changed, Golf has become the game of choice for many.  In each issue of the magazine, we have goals to inspire junior golfers and educate parents on the process of becoming a great player and more importantly how to love the game.  We think golf is so important for families and wish every family could golf together for a lifetime.  As a parent what more could you want than being able to spend several hours out on the golf course with your kids for a lifetime.  So sit back and please enjoy our very first issue and grow with us.  Should you have any feedback or interests for future issues please let us know. Advertisers, please contact us for more information on how to be involved with our growing community.  As always, we hope you play the game with passion, keep your head up high, walk with a purpose, and enjoy your time outdoors playing golf.


Chris Smeal
President and Founder of Future Champions Golf
Head Coach at the FCG Academy in Stadium Golf Center

What’s inside?

  • Valuable Content for Junior Golfers, Parents, and Coaches
  • Featured Golf Course
  • Players of the Month
  • History of FCG Tour
  • Coaching Tips
  • College Coaches Articles
  • Recruiting Tips


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