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3/16: How to Practice Golf at Home During These Crazy Times

3/16: How to Practice Golf at Home During These Crazy Times

Yeah this stinks… but what are we gonna do?  It’s time to change your goals and find some new ways to train and get ready for life gets back to more normal.   This will not last forever.  Let’s be positive and find great ways to take advantage of this time.

Practicing at Home Tips

  • Putting
    • Work on Stroke Mechanics
    • Repetition Drills
  • Chipping
    • Practice Different Length Chips inside with Wiffle/ Soft Practice Ball (Be Safe of Course!)
    • Rehearse Routine for Chipping and Keep working on your feel
  • Slow Motion Practice Swings in Front of a Mirror
    • This is the best way to work on your swing anyway well now you may not have much of a choice other to do this
  • Speed Training 
    • There are several swing speed training programs you can use during this time.
    • Would be nice to be 3-5 MPH faster when back to full training.

Books You Can Read – Let’s Make You Mentally Tougher for When You Come Back

  • Golf is Not a Game of Perfect
  • Mind Gym
  • Zen Golf
  • So many more…

Watch Old Golf Tournaments

  • Use this time to watch some of the awesome tournaments from the past.  Go back as far as you want and learn the history of the game. Learn about the courses that have hosted the US Open and PGA Championship and improve your golf knowledge.  You can find many old tournaments on You Tube plus Golf Channel may start showing these.

Draw Golf Courses on Paper

  • I used to draw the holes I would play the next tournament or the next 9-hole match in high school. It is a good exercise and way to plot and strategize your next round there.  Think about how you want to play the hole. Look at the angles.  Create a better strategic approach for when you come back to full competition.

Online Coaching is Available including:

  • Swing Analysis
  • Mental Game Coaching Sessions
  • Understanding your current golf game and accessing goals
  • Learn more here or call/ text 619-339-2377

Thanks for reading…

Chris Smeal
Founder of Future Champions Golf


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