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3/24: Today’s Morning Message to Students

3/24: Today’s Morning Message to Students

Please stay safe and stay home until this situation gets better….

My advice during this time is to create some better systems of daily self improvement.
Set Goals for Everyday

Here are Mine:
10,000 Plus Walking or Running Steps
45-Minutes to 1 Hr of Weight Lifting
Chest – 3
Biceps – 3
Squats – 1
Shoulder Raises – 2
50 Righty and 50 Lefty
3/21 – 3/22
50 3 Footers
Soccer with Jackie / Hacky Sack

***The numbers are where I am currently at for the day at 6:24am. I set my alarm daily for 5am. I am very motivated to get back to what was normal life. Staying at home has its perks but as I am sure you are ready to get back too! Let’s make this time PRODUCTIVE!

I have posted in here some ideas of also how to practice during this time…. I think the #1 thing you can do is SLOW MOTION SWING TRAINING to IMPROVE YOUR MOTOR PATTERNS to MAKE YOUR SWING MORE EFFICIENT and have less misses and a higher quality miss.  (message me to discuss what your slow motion practice swing should feel like and look like if you don’t already know)

If you want to do ONLINE COACHING I am doing these and these can vary in the way we do them:
– From Reviewing Previous Videos
– Goal Setting
– Mental Game Discussions
– Tournament Planning for When this Situation Ends

We should use this time to spend time with family too, take advantage of that and GET HUNGRY and EXCITED for what is to come. This will get better… and when we are released we want to be ready! I am coming back stronger and healthier… that is my goal and I hope you are to!

Let’s GO!

See you soon!

Chris Smeal, FCG Founder and Head Coach at FCG Academy at Stadium Golf Center

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