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4/17: Plan Ahead for Summer – The World is Coming to Play

4/17: Plan Ahead for Summer – The World is Coming to Play

We are so excited to welcome players from all over the world back to Southern California for our summer World Series Championship Events.  As many of you know, prior to the pandemic players would come from all over the world to compete in FCG Events in Southern California making it the hub for junior golf worldwide. We love hosting these opportunities and make every effort to make these events the most fun, the most competitive, and great for the whole family.  This summer is lining up to be a record breaking summer, even larger than the 2019 summer that saw the FCG International and FCG Callaway World Championship each have 650 players compete.

2022 Registrations as of 4/17 include 475 Players registered for the FCG International Junior Golf Championship.  There are 425 players accepted and registered for the FCG Callaway World Junior Golf Championship.  We have many other events this summer too including the FCG Challenge Cup, FCG Global Cup, FCG San Diego Junior Amateur, FCG Invitational. FCG Odyssey Junior Championship, and our Summer FCG Collegiate Series Championship including the season ending FCG Collegiate Series National Championship.

Important Information for 2022 Summer Tournaments:

  • The FCG International Junior Golf Championship is the largest “OPEN” event annually in junior golf worldwide.  You do not have to qualify to play in this special event but you must meet the scoring requirements listed on the website.
  • The FCG Callaway World Junior Golf Championship is only open to players who have qualified at one of our qualifying events, or been accepted by a tournament resume for an at-large exemption.
  • The FCG Invitational is open to the top players from the first half of the year FCG Rankings System as listed on the tournament information page.  You can also submit an application to play in this event but subject to committee decision.
  • All other events are open first come, first serve

Full Tournament Schedule

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