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4/19: Motivating Junior Golfers Worldwide – Daily Tips

4/19: Motivating Junior Golfers Worldwide – Access Daily Tips, Videos, Advice – Email Sent Daily at 7am PST

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Chris,  I just wanted to reach out and say that Nathan (who has played in futures tournaments off and on for several years) have really appreciated these daily tips.  They are awesome and thank you for doing it.  I hope you and yours are well.    Sincerely, David

You really are the best Chris! The kids Love these emails and so do I.  We’re lucky to have you in our life.  Looking forward to FCG World this Summer. Fingers crossed!

I wanted to reach out and say thank you from my son Ethan and I for being so positive and being a light in this situation. The daily tips are great and are helping to keep Ethan’s mind/swing sharp.  I wish more people would have just a 1/16th of the positive outlook you have during this time.

Chris and Antrone,  In the past I have mentioned how impressed I am in your ability to build a small business and how the brand of FCG has grown.  Your daily tips are another great example of this.  Impressed by your work and your commitment.  Best of luck in this crazy time.


FCG announces several at home practice guides for kids during COVID-19

Featured in the Golf Wire

“We are doing everything we can to help our members and junior golfers worldwide to practice efficiently at home during the pandemic.  There are a lot of ways to creatively practice at home and we have built some easy programs to follow daily and motivate.  All of these ideas are free for all and we hope to interact with kids worldwide for at-home practice. “Says Chris Smeal, Founder of Future Champions Golf

In addition, we have created a program to help all 2020 High School graduates who were working hard to try and get on a college golf team this Fall.  All 2020 graduates who have not committed to play college golf should fill out this quick form and we will build you a free player profile and get your link sent to every College Coach in the USA.

We have also made some Fun Golf Quizzes for kids to learn more about golf and for parents to give to their kids as something to do during their time at home.  We created some easy ways to learn the swing on You Tube too using a paper towel roll as a golf club.

Here is a full list of what is available on our website:

2020 High School Graduates who haven’t committed to a University

Daily Tips Emails

Instagram and Social media Motivation

You Tube at Home Practice Videos

Link Created to Track Your Daily at Home Practice and Keep You Accountable

Fun Golf Quiz for Kids and for Parents or Teachers to Give to Their Students

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