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4/28: Player Profile – Sebastian Abasolo

Players Full Name: Sebastian Abasolo Torres

Gender: Male

High School you attend: Colegio Aleman Cuauhtémoc Hank

Players Height:  5’8

Players Weight: 130 pounds

Country you live in: Mexico

GPA: In Mexico we don’t have GPA so instead I’m going to leave a picture of my grades of the first halve of my senior year.

Personal Statement:  I love golf and I’m willing to give my everything to the become an elite college golf player and from there begin a great career on professional golf.

Swing Videos:

Tournament Resume:

  • I won the FCG KBS TOUR 1 DAY TOURNAMENT at San Marcos with a score of 72.
  • I played the San Diego Junior Amateur at Encinitas Ranch I shot 74, 76
  • I played the regionals at Tijuana Country Club (2nd place) I shot 76, 78
  • I represented “Zona Pacifico” at the junior nationals in Guadalajara, Mexico, I shot 78,77,79,76.
  • 1st place at “Zona Pacifico” I shot 76 (2019)
  • 1st place at “Zona Pacifico” I shot 77 (2019)
  • 3rd place at Junior World Qualifier (2018)
  • I have represented Mexico 2 times at the FCG international at singing hills:

2017: 76, 77

2018: 75, 76


Upcoming Tournament Schedule: Currently because of the virus I don’t have any tournaments coming up but when all starts to get better I will likely be playing a lot on the future champions league.



List Two References: My coach Chris Smeal and my home course professional Guillermo Lopez.

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