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5/2: FCG National Tour at the Vineyard will be played May 9-10

Welcome Back to Tournament Play! May 9-10th at the Vineyard is ON!

  • So to follow all safety guidelines laid out by San Diego County and the State of California here is how the tournament will operate.

  • You must wear a mask or face covering upon arrival

  • You can take your mask off after receiving your scorecard on the 1st tee

  • You must stay 6 feet (2 yards) away from other players the entire time

Driving Range and Short Game Areas will be Closed

  • All practice areas are closed to Tournament Players so there will be no on site warm up.  We suggest taking practice swings at home prior to heading to the golf course. Yes we know this will be a challenge but we are all faced with many challenges and this will be something new to learn how to manage and something we will all look back on.

  • Violation of this will result in immediate disqualification

Parents and Spectators

  • Sorry but there will be no parents or spectators allowed for this first two weeks back.  As time goes on we will look at bringing spectators back as soon and as safely as possible upon agreement with each course

Starting and Opening Tee Shot

  • You must stay in your car until 15-20 minutes before your tee time.  Please do not hang out with other players or parents at all in the parking lot.  Please walk to the 1st Tee 10 minutes before your tee times (Stay 6 feet away)  The starter will hand you someone else’s scorecard for the day.

On Course Play

  • You MUST stay 6 feet away from all players

  • You MUST leave the Flag in (Do Not Touch the Flag)

  • Pull the Ball out of the Hole with two fingers

  • There will be no rakes in the bunkers, All bunkers will be considered Ground Under Repair.  Please take your nearest relief outside the bunker

  • You and your group are responsible for a fast pace of play, Be organized and hit when ready.  There is to be NO delay, stay one shot behind the group ahead of you.

FCG Staff

  • FCG Staff will be equipped with masks and safety gear at all times

  • There are NO CARTS allowed so our staff will be in place throughout the course by walking

Rules Questions

  • If you do not know what to do please consult with your group and play 2 balls if you are unsure. AS always declare which ball you want to use prior to hitting the shots. If you are really stuck even with 2 ball option players may use their phone to call FCG Staff for immediate help (844-324-2377)

Ranking Systems Update

  • Junior Golf Scoreboard and AJGA have suspended the ranking of all events at least through the month of May.  Once more info is given about events in June from them we will pass that down to you as soon as we get it.  The previous AJGA PBE ranking for this event has been moved to our event August 29-30 back at Vineyard.  If you wish to transfer your entry to this event or any other National Tour event instead please email

Scoring and Awards

  • We will do scoring immediately following completion on hole 18 under a Canopy, players to stay 6 feet apart.  As always FCG staff will have you read the scores out loud and repeat back to you like normal. After you will not need to sign your card once scores are verified out loud. We will give you your tournament tee gifts at scoring. If you are in contention for Top 3 Awards please hang out in your car.  When your division is complete the Top 3 finishers can come back to the scoring area and receive their award which will all be sanitized.

  • Everyone one who plays in any National Tour or World Series events in the month of May will be given one $25 off coupon code to use for a future 2020 National Tour or World Series new registration.

Please stay tune for more updates on future events in the days to come! There will be many new changes week to week and venue to venue.  We appreciate your patience as things will be fluid until we can get back to the new normal.


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