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6/15: FCG Teams Up for Charity – Shirts For Sale for a Great Cause

6/15: FCG Teams Up for Charity – Tee Shirts For Sale for a Great Cause

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NED FCG Player Call to Action

NED or No Evidence of Disease is an all inclusive program rooted in HOPE. Everyone battling cancer lives, breathes, hopes and prays they have No Evidence of Disease with each doctor’s visit. Until there is a cure for cancer, we and thousands of other families battling this diagnosis will live for these 3 words.

Friends of Jaclyn ( is adding their next organic program that is inclusive of all cancers, affecting all ages, races, demographics and beyond. The vision for the NEDvocate program will help to unify everyone affected by cancer and form one community dedicated to inspiring and supporting one another.

What is a NEDvocate?

Noun: ned-vo-kit: An inspiring person who improves the quality of life for anyone affected by cancer.  You can be a NEDvocate in so many different ways–using your passion to help spread awareness and create the community that can support those who are battling.  Do what you love and support NED: Cook for NED! Bike for NED!  Golf for NED! You can help spread this mission in so many different ways, and help to support those you care about.

How can I become a NEDvocate?

Chances are, you are already a NEDvocate.  Do you know someone who has battled cancer? How did you support that person? We want you to officially become part of the NEDvocate team by purchasing your NEDgear and sharing your story with the community.

Sharing  + Community = Healing!

  1. Buy
    1. Buy your NED shirt :
  1. Wear
    1. Simply wear your shirt and represent the NED Community.  By wearing your gear you are letting others know that you support their journey, and the journey of their loved ones.  They know you want to help inspire health and healing.
  2. Share
    1. Share photos, videos and stories of your own journey–whether you are a cancer survivor or someone who has walked alongside someone who has battled, you are a NEDvocate.  Sharing your story on your social media (and ours) will help someone else feel less isolated and alone.  Simply being there for someone is the most powerful gift you can give.


How Can I Share My NEDvocacy?

You can submit your NED story on our website, or share it on your own social media and tag #4ned #nedvocate  @nedvocate or post it to our page: or to FCG directly

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