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Player Profile: Nikitha Gopal

Players Full Name:  Nikitha Gopal
Graduation Year: 2018

Gender: Female

High School you attend:  Scripps Ranch High School

Players Height: 5.4

Players Weight: 120lbs

Country you live in: USA

GPA: 4.47

Personal Statement:

Golf has been a large contributor to my academic success and my personality. My journey with golf began at the age of twelve when I started competing in local San Diego tournaments. My interest to continue to pursue this passion in college golf team sparked through my high school Varsity golf experience.  I developed a deeper love for the game because I enjoyed the excitement of representing your school. In my junior and senior year, I was presented with the opportunity to be co-captain and captain. Resolving conflicts within the team as well as motivating the team are aspects that made me the supportive and positive team player I am today.

By being part of a college golf program, I hope to become a stronger competitor. On the course, I plan to be a consistent and reliable golfer and positive influence on the team. Nothing motivates me more than the opportunity to improve my golf game. Currently, my goal is to make significant improvements in course management. Under the guidance of my coach, I will strive to solidify strengths as well as improve my weaknesses. In addition, apart from the determination to succeed, I use tournaments as another opportunity to learn, assess, and ameliorate my game. I will continue to apply these strategies throughout my college golf career. I look forward to receiving the opportunity to continue to pursue golf along with my education.


*Swing Video Link:


Tournement Résume :

Date Tour Course Par Score
11/1/16 CIF Admiral Baker Golf 72 76
4/30/17 Futures The Vineyard 70 77
8/9/16 NCJGA Encinitas Ranch Golf Course 72 82
8/4/15 NCJGA Lomas Santa Fe Country Club 72 84
4/23/17 VJGA The Legends Golf Club 72 86
07/09/17 College Combine OakValley GC Beaumont 72 78


Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

Date Course
01/14/18 –01/15/18 Twin Oaks San Marcos , CA
01/27/18-01/28/18 St Mark GC , San Marcos, CA
03/31/18-04/01/18 Temecula Creek Oaks – Temecula , CA
04/28/18-04/29/18 The Vineyard, Escondido, CA
05/12/18-05/13/18 The Legends Golf Club, Temecula, CA


List Two References: (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)


Swing Coach:                                                                               Skip Van Matre, golfnman64@yahoo.com760-485-5240

College Golf Counselor:                                                             Ted 323-823-4014

Fitness Instructor:                                                                       Janet Alexander 760-753-2334

High School Golf Coach                                                              Todd D Wilson 619-985-4899

2 thoughts on “Player Profile: Nikitha Gopal”

  1. Ms. Gopal,
    I am very impressed by your FCG profile and would like to know more about your goals/plans for college. I am still actively recruiting for the 2018 class and have a scholarship spot open for the fall.
    If you would like to learn more about Brenau and our team, please reply to the email address below.

    Coach Stancil

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