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9/11: FCG Tour Partners with ICL Academy as Online Education Partner

9/11: FCG Tour Partners with ICL Academy as Online Education Partner

We are excited to share that Future Champions Golf has developed a unique partnership opportunity with ICL Academy as the Preferred Online School of the Future Champions Golf.  In addition, ICL Academy provides unique scholarship offerings, along with an exclusive 10% tuition discount for families associated with Future Champions GolfScholarships are awarded to ICL students based on multiple requirements.  During the initial discussion between ICL and the parent/guardian of the potential ICL student, the ICL team will outline the scholarship opportunities that may be available at that time.  The financial assistance offered by ICL allows parents and guardians the opportunity to invest into their child’s passions, without sacrificing their child’s academics.  

ICL Academy is an innovative, fully accredited Online Private School for grades 5-12. ICL tailors their academic offering to students’ passions through its award-winning Impact Learning Model. 

Furthermore, ICL Academy provides its students with access to champion mentors across all passions.  Here are a few examples of the ICL champions that students will have the chance to hear from during their ICL academy journey:  Novak Djokovic, Monica Seles, Bode Miller, James Vanerbeek, and many more.

ICL Academy is built on 20 years of character & service leadership from the Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) non-profit in a mission to re-imagine online private education. “ICL Academy allows young golfers to leverage top tier academics, coupled with unique mental training and media preparation, to compete at the highest level, says ICL Founder, Kirk Spahn. “We tailor our academics to focus on building character and developing leaders, while providing our students with unparalleled mentorship from ICL’s amazing network of world champions.”

ICL Academy’s Impact Learning Model optimizes student engagement through:

  • World Class Academics tailored to students passions
  • Award-Winning Character and Service Leadership Program
  • World Champion Partners and Mentors
  • Customized College Counseling
  • An Unparalleled Community Experience

Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of the ICL Academy family, and have a chance to receive unparalleled financial and academic support for the upcoming school year.  Click here to get in touch with an ICL team member to begin outlining your pathway toward becoming a future champion.  After clicking the link, scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your information and press submit.  A team member will be in touch with you within 24 hours.  Don’t wait, become a champion today!   

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  1. Please forward me additional information about your learning program and associated fees.
    Looking to explore alternative learning experience for my son so he can work and develop his golf future.
    Ed Budz

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