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FCG College Bound Watch List

FCG College Bound Watch List

The below profiles are of players who have yet to commit to a University. We have it broken down by grad year.  This is a free service for FCG Tour Members in good standing.

Jump to Recruiting Class Years: 2024 | 2025 | 2026

Junior Golfers and Parents: If you are a junior golfer or parent of a junior golfer and want your profile featured here please email us and we will get you set up asap. Or you can click here and fill out this form and submit your resume now for your free profile. Have questions about the college recruiting process? Click Here

College Coaches please email us at for information to reach any of the below players.  We look forward to helping you find your next great college players.  This page is still under construction but we will be actively adding player profiles everyday to better support our members and tournament players.  Also if you are not receiving our monthly emails please send us your email address.

Did you know?  The 2021 NCAA National Champion Pepperdine Men’s Golf Team was made up of all 5 FCG Tour Alumni!

2024 Recruiting Class

Ariana Perez (Girls) – I have been playing golf since I was in 4th grade at the Tiger Woods Academy.   I know that playing in college is a once in a lifetime opportunity that could change my whole life. I have nice touch on the green and good concept of the game. I am very coachable and a very hard working player. I have been doing 2 day tournaments with California Junior Golf (CJG) and now with FCG for the past 2 years. In the classroom, I maintain a high GPA and enjoy spending time in my volunteer programs and at church. I want to attend a college where I can push myself in the classroom and on the golf course. I would like to in play college at the highest level of competition possible.  I would like to be role model to others and make my parents proud.

Aaron Arch (Boys) – Hi! My name is Aaron Arch, I am a senior at Mission Vista High School. I have been apart of the varsity golf team all 4 years and have been playing competitively for the last 5 years. I work hard in and out of the classroom and strive to improve wherever I can. I currently have a JGS scoring differential of 1.51.

Takara Bowman (Girls) – I have been playing golf since I was 10 years old where I lived in South Africa and joined my first golf team. I have continuously improved through the time I have been playing. I fell in love with the game and have grown a passion for this sport. I started playing in San Francisco I appreciate that I can play this amazing sport, and that each time I grab my club I hit with passion. I really enjoy the challenge aspect of golf, and that having bad days only makes you improve and want to do better. I tried out for my school’s golf team and made Varsity my freshman year. I am always determined to put in the work, time and effort to get better. Now, as a Junior I have made more accomplishments during my season and have progressed along the way. I am competing in the…… I continue to improve during the off season and practice as much as possible to soon achieve my dream to commit. Aside from my Highschool team, I also enjoy playing tournaments. To me golf has helped me in so many ways, with understanding that anything you put your mind to it is possible to achieve.  I have meet so many inspiring golfers along this journey and it has helped me to get a different view on golf, with whatever you set your mind to you will achieve. I am always up for a new course and the obstacles it has along the way. I have also made all my closest friends by playing golf on my high school team, and I have met so many amazing people from just being at the golf course every day. I love being part of my high school team, my teammates and I always make sure to support each other, to help us all to improve together – this I feel has also helped our team do well in matches and team events. This year (2022) has been the most accomplishing year in my golf career. I have really been wanting to take my game to the next level, so I went on to getting a swing coach in hopes to fix and change my swing to better benefit my game. Although it hasn’t been easy, I am always up for the challenge. To say the least, the work that I have been putting in has paid off.  The main difference that I’ve started to see is a lowering in my scores. I’ve slowly started shooting in the 70’s for the first time in my golf career.

Natalie Kent (Girls) – I am passionate about golf and looking to continue my development in college. I am a hard worker, a dedicated teammate and the captain of my high school team. I compete on the Toyota Tour, FCG and AJGA. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Emilee Canepa (Girls) – Hi my name is Emilee Canepa and I’m class of 2024 at Point Loma High School in San Diego, California. I have been playing golf for about eight years now and have been competing in tournaments for around six years. Golf has always been a passion of mine and has deeply influenced the person I am today. When I was about seven years old my parents bought me a set of pink girls golf clubs and from the first time I went out to the driving range I loved it. Golf has taught me self discipline, humility, and has given me an inner desire to succeed. Academics are very important to me because I know that in order to succeed, I need to be a knowledgeable and well rounded person. Now that I am in high school, I am taking AP classes and plan to continue doing so to give myself the best foot forward to become successful. I would describe myself as caring, hardworking, trustworthy, and a good leader. I have a desire to learn and to help others learn. Due to this desire to help other players on my team become stronger, I became the team captain as a sophomore. I want to attend a college where I can push myself further in sports and academics, as well as achieve new things and gain new experiences. I hope to become a great player and to find the perfect college for me.

Bella Villarin (Girls) – Senior at Coronado High School interested in Communications, Business, or a career in the golfing industry. Loves
learning through first hand experiences and the mentoring of others. Enjoys traveling and playing new golf
courses. Former military brat who has lived in Japan, Virginia, Singapore, and now California. Excited for a new
chapter of life filled with competitive golf, lifelong connections, and challenges to overcome.

Henry Staples (Boys) – My goal is to play college golf at a competitive school where I can receive a quality education that will prepare me to pursue a graduate law degree. Playing the game that I love while connecting with my teammates to inspire and support one another is not only the culture I am pursuing but I will also help build. I am excited to compete on a larger scale and see what I can push myself to accomplish.

Se Ting Rena Fung (Girls) – I became interested in golf at the start of high school as it was very mentally challenging and you can meet many new people as you play. I have learned from golf that you can’t give up at all even through the last hole. Golf is really learning from the wrong and implementing new knowledge you learn from your mistakes in the next game. Through golf I have learned so many new thing from always accepting each shot and that there is always a way to turn the tables.

Naomi Tan (Girls) – Taiwan

Tyler Price (Boys) – I was late to the game of golf, but not to sports. Though I have played baseball and football at a high level since I was a young child, I didn’t pick up a golf club until halfway through my COVID-shortened Freshman year, when a lack of football and an abundance of pent up energy led my parents to “encourage” me to find an outdoor activity. The first time I played, I think I shot a 136, and probably didn’t even count them all! After that day, I never wanted to touch a club again. Until the next day. With curiosity (and probably a good bit of animosity), I tried again. I was marginally better, but this time, I was hooked. Since that day two and a half years ago, whether rain, wind, sun or snow, I have practiced this beautiful game at every opportunity. I know my peers have years of experience and countless more lessons than me. Humbly, I welcome the challenge of catching and surpassing them, and I can promise you, no one works harder at improving their game than myself. I have a great deal of respect for the game of golf. It has taught me humility, integrity, grit, and several other lessons I will carry throughout my life. I hope to combine my love of academics with my strong performance on the course to earn a scholarship as a college golfer.

LUCAS GONZALEZ IRIGOYEN (Boys) – My name is Lucas Gonzalez Irigoyen, I live and have lived all my life in Mexico. I have played golf since I was 5 yrs. old. The last two years I decided to make a great effort to improve my mental and golfing skills. I surrounded myself with the right people and have worked very hard. It all ended up paying of during 2023. I have also proven my competitive capabilities by having reached the podium in my last three tournaments. The hard work has made my 3rd. ranked position in Mexican Jr. golf tour, more satisfying. My ultimate goal is to play college golf. I played soccer at a high level, captained my team, and I am definitely a good team player, and a positive leader. These characteristics, I am sure, will be a great asset for any team that decide to include me. I feel very comfortable when competing and I love to win.

Seb May (Boys) – Ever since I was really young, around 2 or 3 years old, I always wanted to hang out with my older siblings and friends and play the same games they did. My family was really into sports, so that’s how I spent my early childhood days – playing all kinds of sports outside. I just loved playing and competing with them. As I grew older, it became clear that I had a natural talent for sports involving sticks and balls, just like my siblings. We all got into golf, cricket, and field hockey, and we excelled at them. I enjoyed each sport while I was playing it, and throughout my school years, I was able to compete at a high level in all three. But it was golf that really captured my heart. I love the game and its challenges, the ups and downs. In the past couple of years, I’ve been focusing most of my efforts on improving my golf skills and figuring out what I need to do to pursue my short-term dream of mastering the game once I finish high school. The problem is, in New Zealand, there aren’t many opportunities for me to really push myself and reach my full potential. I believe I need to expose myself to a higher level of competition and a more challenging environment. That’s why I think going to a college in the US with a strong golf program would be perfect for me. It would provide the environment I need to thrive and succeed with the talent I know I have. Both my older brother and sister are in College in the US playing golf in Division 1 programs. And being part of a college golf team would be a dream come true for me. I would have access to top-notch facilities, a supportive team, and daily opportunities to learn and improve. Plus, the competition would be at the highest level, which is exactly what I need to push myself further. It would help me achieve my goals and fulfil my passion for golf.

Liam Weaver (Boys) – Golf has been my life ever since I was seven years old. My brother and I have been very fortunate to have found this game. My goal is to play collegiate golf at a Division I university. I’ve been playing competitive golf since I was about twelve, and it’s done nothing but teach me how much golf is an individual sport. It is a game that challenges the mind and it will never come easy to anyone. But, being apart of a team has changed that for me. High school golf, as well as some special occasion travel teams, have showed me how much fun golf is as a team. It brings out my best game, my best attitude, and my best ability to be coached. Team golf isn’t my only strong suit, I am also a great student. I learn well, on and off the course. All through high school I have maintained above a four point grade average, while taking AP level courses. Being that I am a military kid, I have learned responsibility well, achieving good grades, working a job, and improving my golf game all at the same time. I am only trending upward, working very hard, and I will do whatever it takes to improve.

Finn Yeomans (Boys) – I have a huge passion for Golf. I am getting better by the day! I would like to play golf in college. I work at a golf shop in Mission Viejo, CA (Roger Dunn Golf Shop) and love to be in the golf environment. I made my high school varsity golf team as a freshman. I go to JSerra High School in San Juan Capistrano, CA. My school’s league is in arguably the toughest athletic league in the country. I have gotten the chance to compete against some of the best D1 golfers and hope to be one someday!

Maxwell Short (Boys) – Captain and Played #1 Spot All Season Freshman and Sophomore Year, Varsity Golf. 4.8 GPA

Grady Williams (Boys)

Tye Boone (Boys) – Hello, my name is Tye Boone. I’m 16 years old and attend Skyview High School in Billings, Montana where I will graduate in 2024. My tournament scoring average so far this year has been 73.8 and my handicap is a +0.2. I’ve only been golfing for 4 years and I’ve improved a ton every year. I play and practice everyday because I know the only way to become an elite player is through dedication and hard work.

Alex Elia (Boys) – Coaches, my name is Alexander Elia. I am currently a Junior at Francis Parker School in San Diego. I have been playing golf now for just over two years and have progressed at a very fast rate. I am dedicated and determined and I would love to talk to you about my future and the future of your program.

Mason Zimmerman (Boys) – FCG PAC NW Trysting Tree golf club 72,68 (2nd place)

2025 Recruiting Class

Kiley Reisner (Girls) – I play golf everyday, if I am not playing I am practicing. I have been severely working on my game and am improving each day. Since 2018 I have been playing golf. My GPA is very good, I try to balance school and golf as much as I can. Me and my family play golf every weekend or we are in a tournament. Golf is my passion and I hope to do this as my career.

Zachary Zheng Wood – (Boys) – Hello, I’m Zachary Wood. I’m a junior at Millikan High School in Long Beach CA.
I was introduced to golf at a young age and started participating in competitive tournaments at the age of seven. I played in Long Beach Junior Golf, US Kids, SCPGA Junior, and Junior PGA events, and I have achieved success at every level. With an unwavering determination and focus on the future, I’m truly unstoppable.

Chad Gibbs (Boys) – I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny and I will have my glory days in the hot sun – Nacho Libre

Erika Kobayashi (Girls) – Hi, my name is Erika Kobayashi, and I am in the class of 2025 at Sunset High School. I have been playing golf competitively for nine years, primarily through the Oregon Junior Golf Association. This year, my goal is to play more out-of-state tournaments and challenge new courses. My mission is to play at a D1 golf college where I can play golf to my fullest potential and receive a quality education where I can explore career options. In addition, my mission is to find a strong golf program where I can improve my game and become even stronger physically and mentally. Most importantly, my goal is to find a team where I can make new connections, feel comfortable, and learn to become a good teammate and leader.

Owen Irving (Boys) – I grew up playing basketball, soccer and mostly baseball but at the start of high school I found a passion for golf. I have played varsity for my high school team my first 2 years in high school and have started to play in as many junior tournaments as possible. I have found a new love and passion for this game and want to try and get to the next level and play in college. I Have worked so hard to get to where I am now and wont stop until I get to where I want to be and will keep working to try and get to the next level after that.

Tyler Whisler (Boys) – I’m Tyler Whisler, a Junior at Forest Charter School and I am hoping to play golf while attending college. Growing up in Tahoe, I played many sports and honestly I was always told I would become a pro baseball player. Well, things changed. In September, 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer, medulloblastoma. Immediately changing my route and participating in a St.Jude trial through Stanford, I had a new fight to take on. After two years of not being able to participate in sports, I wanted to do something. Golf became my new sport. I loved the calmness that it brought me and still brings me. I am coachable, motivated, and have a great spirit to bring to your team.


Alec Hilgers (Boys) – I have been playing golf since I was around 10 years of age. I love golf. I practice at least 3-4 hours per day. A lot of the players never leave their state when playing golf tournaments. I have played golf tournaments all over the country and in several other countries. We have traveled to many FCG tournaments in California over the years. My favorite places to play are TPC Danzante, Quivira, Blue Monster, Innisbrook and Whistling Straits. I’m an independent learner and I have obtained my private pilots license on my own. I have played in many AJGA events with a top 5 finish in Tallahassee. My favorite hobbies are fishing and flying. I have caught several very large Marlin in Cabo San Lucas. I love traveling the world with my family. I have been to Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, France, Canada and Mexico. I have a real appreciation for other cultures and I love meeting new people. I really look forward to being part of a team and improving my golf game.

Lauren Lee (Girls) – Hello, my name is Lauren Elizabeth Lee. I am 16 years old, and a Junior at Del Norte High School in San Diego, California. I have been playing golf for 3.5 years, competing in tournaments since March of 2022, and am interested in pursuing college golf. My current GHIN handicap is +0.1, and my goal is to shoot in the low 70’s consistently by end of my junior year. When I started 2 day tournaments, I was shooting high 80s to low 90s but now my best tournament round is 71. I am excelling in school with a 4.17 GPA weighted and 4.0 GPA unweighted and scored 1510 on the SAT. I will also be taking many high level courses throughout the rest of my high school education. I acknowledge that I’ve started competing at a later age than some people, but my work ethic and determination to succeed makes up for that. Once I put my mind to something, I work hard to accomplish my goals. Whether it be putting in more hours at the range, the golf course, or the gym, I am willing to put in the extra time in order to be the best golfer that I can be. Being part of a team and working with others brings me joy, and I love competing with other people. Being part of the high school golf team and serving as co-captain the past two seasons are some of the best golfing experiences I’ve had, and a main factor as to why I’m choosing to pursue college golf. Throughout high school golf I made so many unforgettable memories in a short period of time and developed amazing relationships with my teammates. I hope to continue doing so in college as well. Golf is a very individual sport, yet being part of a team and playing for more than yourself is very meaningful to me and something that I am very attracted to. I am competitive at heart, but I am also my teammates’ biggest cheerleader. I enjoy seeing others succeed as well, and will do what I can to help them in their golf journey. I want my teammates to accomplish their goals, and their successes only motivate me to work harder. To me, golf is more than just a sport; It’s a way for me to grow both as a person and an athlete. Throughout my golfing journey, I’ve learned so much about myself: how I handle stress, interact with other people, manage my emotions, and respond when I’m in an unfavorable situation. Over the past couple of years I’ve seen how much I’ve developed and grown as a person on and off the course, and as I continue to pursue a higher level of competition I am constantly learning from my experiences to become a better player and person.

Chloe Park (Girls) – My dad took me golfing for the first time when I was 10 years old. At that time, I had many
different hobbies, such as skiing, playing the guitar and piano, drawing, and painting. I played golf for fun with my family and friends for a while, until I fell in love with the sport. The challenge that golf brings motivated me to become a better player. It took a lot of time for me to fully be dedicated, but I knew I loved golf and I wanted to be good at it. Currently I am playing on the Toyota Tour Cup, along with FCG tournaments. I have been playing many tournaments this summer and fall season and have constantly been shooting lower scores. The best part of my game at the moment is my distance and my attitude on the course. I can hit the ball further than many juniors, which can be helpful. I averaged around 250-270 around 2 weekends ago at FCG Twin oaks. I always keep a smile on my face with my chin up whether I’m playing the worst or the best. The weakest part of my game is my wedges. With far drives in the fairway and a wedge on many holes, my wedges can be very inconsistent, which is what I am working on right now. With better wedge game, I’ll be able to make more birdies and shoot lower scores.

Gabriella Fanucchi
(Girls) – Golf has been a central part of my life from a young age, shaping not only my character but also instilling in me values such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. I began competing in executive golf tournaments when I was 6. Over the years, I have strengthened my golfing abilities through countless hours of practice and participation in competitive tournaments. These experiences have not only allowed me to refine my technical skills, but have also taught me the importance of maintaining composure under pressure and adapting to various playing conditions. I would like to continue competing in college while pursuing my degree.

John Finley Yeomans (Boys) –  I am unsure if I want to play college golf or not.

Diego Vargas (Boys) – Continue to challenge, learn and improve as a Student-Athlete at a highly competitive College Golf program contributing to the team with my drive and determination to win.

Kohen Yeske (Boys) – I was introduced to golf at age 6 and by the age of 10 I made his first hole in one. Just four years later I registered my career low round of 62. As a multi-sport athlete, I has also competed in top tier alpine skiing, volleyball, soccer, and hockey. Now at age 15, I am fully committed to competitive golf with multiple tournament wins to date, finding success in regional, national and international events. Graduating in 2025, I am looking forward to continuing my competitive golf career in NCAA college golf.

Adrian Roberts (Boys)

Jack Spencer (Boys) – I am a focused young golfer who takes pride in excelling on the course and in the classroom. I want to compete in Division I golf, and I’m committed to pursuing that dream.

Ethan Elleras (Boys) – I am currently a high school junior and very competitive and passionate about golf. I would love to make it to a D1 school for golf. I love all sports and I am very athletic and competitive in anything I do.

Miren Ontanon Quesada (Girls) –

2026 Recruiting Class

Arianna Bell (Girls) – Hello! My name is Arianna Bell and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am currently a sophomore at International Virtual Learning Academy online private school. I recently transitioned from Punahou School to online school after my Freshman year. My story of golf started ever since I picked up a plastic snoopy golf club. My parents at the time did not know anything about golf but enrolled me in classes and soon after, my addiction for golf took over. I have fallen in love with golf ever since and the golf course is my happy place. I am a positive, enthusiastic, and dedicated individual. I want to major in business because someday in the future my dream is to open my own. I look forward to playing golf in college and to be on the women’s golf team. I love the idea of being on a team, team bonding, and getting to meet others that experience the same things as me.

Charlene Woo
(Girls) –

Jaylen Wan (Girls)

Ashley Han
(Girls) – 7 under at IMG Junior World Qualifier at Morongo Tukwet, 5 under at Westin Mission Hills Pete Dye for Future Champion Tournament.

Jacob McFarland (Boys) – I am currently a sophomore graduating in 2026.  My dream is to play golf at the highest pro level. I have been swinging golf clubs ever since I could stand. I started golfing competitively at the age of 8, and haven’t looked back. I love golf. I think it’s the most competitive sport you can play and the hardest to be great in. It’s an endless game you can always improve in.

Andrew Rodriguez (Boys) – College golf has been a dream of mine since I was 6years. I’m always looking to improve both inside and outside of the classroom. I feel that every setback is a learning opportunity.

Guanhau (Tiger) Lu – I started playing golf at age 8 and since then it has become one of the biggest parts of my life. I really like seeing myself get better, and I’m always setting goals for myself like a certain swing speed, or number of 10-footers made in a row. As a freshman I placed 3rd in total shots for the season and was the best player on my team. I’m putting in a ton of effort and I’m extremely dedicated to playing college golf.

Siradech Chanha (Boys) – I have been selected to represent my country as a Thailand National golf member. I want to use this time to develop all aspects to become a better golfer. I enjoy improving my golf while enjoying my time meeting new friends and playing on different golf courses. My intentions are to be selected to play for the University golf team so that my abilities will improve in all aspects before being able to join the profession golfing ranks.


Signed List Past Results 

Over 3,500 FCG Tour players have gone on to play College Golf in the USA. We are so proud of everyone for their dedication to their golf game and academics and reaching this level of excellence on the golf course.  Here are a few of the recent players who were part of the FCG Unsigned Watch List Program.

Testimonial from 2023

Hello Chris,

I wanted to thank you for all your help with recruiting and promoting me this year. I have enjoyed competing in Future’s tournaments and look forward to competing more this summer.
I wanted to let you know I have committed to play next year at Menlo College.
Many Thanks,    Alana Jacinto

2024 Graduation Year

  • Boston Bracken (Boys) – Arizona State University
  • Nixon Lauritzen (Boys) – GCU
  • Ky Stopp (Boys) – Chaminade University of Hawaii
  • Cooper Hambrick (Boys) – CSU Chico
  • Mattias James Morris (Boys) – Aurora University
  • Jaden Dumdumdaya (Boys) – USC
  • Jayla Kucy (Girls)- Oral Roberts University
  • Shams Jahangir-Arshad (Boys) – University of Oregon
  • Jay Leng (Boys) – Stanford
  • Tye Boone (Boys)- University of Southern Indiana
  • Abigail Sickles (Girls) – Cal State San Marcos
  • Owen Otto (Boys) – Cal State San Marcos
  • Mattias Morris (Boys) -Aurora University
  • Natalie Kent (Girls) – Eastern Washington University
  • Max Osten (Boys) – University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Logan Sutto (Boys)- Butler University
  • Nicole Ikeda (Girls) – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Sam Morris (Boys) – Oral Roberts
  • Jared Abercrombie (Boys) – Cal Baptist
  • Shams Jahangir-Arshad (Boys) – University of Oregon
  • Charlie Carlson- University of Puget Sound

2023 Graduation Year

  • Derek Lekkerkerk (Boys) – Colorado State University
  • Alana Nicole Jacinto (Girls) – Menlo College
  • Colby Sullivan – Southeastern Louisiana
  • Daniel Lyne (Boys) – Pomona Pitzer
  • Nathan Sampson (Boys) – San Diego State University
  • Jake Rodgers (Boys) – Colorado State University
  • Will Koch (Boys) – Seattle State University
  • Kate Connolly – Drake University
  • Brooke McGlasson – University of Denver
  • Katelyn Parr – UC Davis
  • Avery Sky – Long Beach State University
  • Kush Arora – Stanford
  • Chloe Griffith – Tennessee Tech
  • Ashton McArthur – Utah State
  • Gigi Lund – University of North Dakota
  • Alexia Egdahl – Quinnipiac University
  • Zoe Newell – University of Idaho
  • Chase Gorder – University of New Mexico
  • Jasmine Kahler – Purdue
  • Elliot Lee – Valparaiso University
  • Arjun Aujla – University of Rochester
  • Hailey Hays – Biola University
  • Esther Yoo – Gonzaga
  • Leo Metzger – UC Davis
  • Luciano Conlan – UCLA
  • Jeffrey Kwak – Santa Clara University
  • Phillip Kench (Boys) – UNLV
  • Arden Louchheim (Girls) – University of Nebraska
  • Bear Huff (Boys) – Howard University
  • Carter Williams (Boys) – Utah Tech University
  • View Signing Day Photos 11/10/22

2022 Graduation Year

  • Rei Harashima (Boys) – UC Irvine
  • Gordon Lu (Boys) – St. Thomas
  • Dylan Oyama (Boys) – San Diego State University
  • Carissa Freeman (Girls) Cal State Los Angeles
  • Meghan Royal (Girls) – University of Arkansas
  • Sofina Firouzi (Girls) – Santa Clara University
  • Isabella Ranches (Girls) – Long Beach State University
  • Easton Phillips (Boys) – Central Michigan University
  • Phillip Yturralde (Boys) – Central Michigan University
  • Annika Yturralde – (Girls) – Creighton University
  • Jonas Appel (Boys) – Baylor University
  • Michael Behr (Boys) – University of San Diego
  • Brayden Bozak (Boys) – UNLV
  • Jack Cantlay (Boys) – Long Beach State University
  • Chanachon Chokprajakchat (Boys) – SDSU
  • Ian Fritz (Boys) – University of the Pacific
  • Chase Goetschel (Boys) – UC Santa Barbara
  • Daniel Heo (Boys) – UC Berkeley
  • Collin Hodgkinson (Boys) – Oregon State University
  • Patrick Hong (Boys) – University of Washington
  • Jaden Hunter (Boys) – Fresno State University
  • Tyler Kowack (Boys) – SDSU
  • Go Nakatsukasa (Boys) – University of Utah
  • Ryan Plodkowski (Boys) – University of San Diego
  • Luke Potter (Boys) – Arizona State
  • Inigo Izuzquiza (Boys) – UNLV
  • Cole Rueck (Boys) – Boise State University
  • Jordan Verge (Boys) – Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • Justin Verge (Boys) – Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • Ryan Voois (Boys – University of Illinois
  • James Whitworth (Boys) – University of Hawaii
  • Amari Avery (Girls) – USC
  • Ann Buffolino (Girls) – Boise State
  • Lauren Calderon (Girls) – UC Davis
  • Samantha Dizon (Girls) – Cal Baptist
  • Kylee Gregory (Girls) – Eastern Washington University
  • Angela Heo (Girls) – University of Texas Austin
  • Taylor Riley (Girls) – Louisiana State
  • Jade Zamora (Girls) – University of Missouri
  • Ty Anderson (Boys) -Weber State University
  • Ben Borgida (Boys) – Washington State University
  • Orlando Coons (Boys) – Central Michigan University
  • Miles Eastman (Boys) – Occidental College
  • Ethan Jaehn (Boys) – Central Michigan University
  • Giuliano Kaminski (Boys) – Chico State University
  • Calvin Kong (Boys) – UCSD
  • Jayden Ramos (Boys) – Hawaii Pacific University
  • Sam Renner (Boys) – Washington State University
  • Jonathan Scott (Boys)- Central Michigan University
  • Chanhee Ryu (Boys) – California Baptist University
  • Maddox Yi (Boys) – UC Riverside
  • Bayler Brundage (Girls) – Portland State University
  • Abby Chow *Girls) – University of British Columbia
  • Sofia Fuenmayor (Girls) – Weber State University
  • Brooke Gelinas (Girls) – Dixie State University
  • Macee Greenwood (Girls) – Boise State University
  • Eunice Han (Girls)- UNLV
  • Cynthia Lu (Girls) – Carleton College
  • Kyra Ly (Girls) – Oregon State University
  • Brooke Mahler (Girls) – Eastern Washington University
  • Bridget O’Keefe (Girls)– University of Pennsylvania
  • Brook Patterson (Girls) – University of Cincinnati
  • Emily Song (Girls) – Weber State University
  • Momo Udom (Girls) – Califormia Baptist University
  • Keira Wang (Girls)– UC Davis
  • Wenna Zhang (Girls) – Carnegie Mellon University
  • Sophie Zhang-Murphy (Girls)– Princeton University

2021 Graduation Year

2020 Graduation Year


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