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Alec Hilgers (2025)

Alec Hilgers (2025)

High School: St. John Paull II

5’11’ 178 Lbs

GPA: 4.0

I have been playing golf since I was around 10 years of age. I love golf. I practice at least 3-4 hours per day. A lot of the players never leave their state when playing golf tournaments. I have played golf tournaments all over the country and in several other countries. We have traveled to many FCG tournaments in California over the years. My favorite places to play are TPC Danzante, Quivira, Blue Monster, Innisbrook and Whistling Straits. I’m an independent learner and I have obtained my private pilots license on my own. I have played in many AJGA events with a top 5 finish in Tallahassee. My favorite hobbies are fishing and flying. I have caught several very large Marlin in Cabo San Lucas. I love traveling the world with my family. I have been to Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, France, Canada and Mexico. I have a real appreciation for other cultures and I love meeting new people. I really look forward to being part of a team and improving my golf game.

1st Place – SDJGA Phil Mickelson Shot 69-67 (Earned a spot in IMG World’s 2024), 8th Place at FCG National Veterans Tournament 78-72, 2nd Place JGAA – Tucson Conquistadors Spring Classic 73-70, AJGA Tallahassee 4th Place 73-70-70


December 2023 JGAA Winter Classic, January 2024 AJGA Puerto Rico, January 2024 JGAA Warren Schutte Masters Series

Coaches: Warren Schutte (Main contact – Golf Coach) 480-678-8880, High School Coach – Coach Maddigan 623-233-2777


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