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#1 – Golf is not that Hard! If you do the key things correctly!
#2 – Golf should become MORE SIMPLE as you IMPROVE not MORE COMPLICATED.
#3 – To play your best golf you must be thinking clear and simple. See the shot and hit the shot.
#4 – Your belief/ confidence in your golf game is the only thing that will make you score lower.
#5 – You learn more from Failing than Winning.
#6 – We are training to be AWESOME. (Ex: Look at the change in Rory Mcilroy’s maturation and confidence)
#7 – Your short game should be your foundation for scoring.
#8 – You must be able to adjust your game (and shot making skills) to fit a wide variety of situations on the golf course. We work on this so we can be the best player.
#9 – Each lesson starts with a sit down conversation so we can attack all areas of the golf game. My goal is to help you become the most complete golfer possible.

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Be Calm

– When speaking to my players and they converse back I always try and get them to talk to me calmly and rationally. Generally when I first start with a player they talk fast, excitedly, whine, and complain. After a while this goes away and they seem to be shooting under par. WEIRD!

No Excuses

–  Course Conditions are the same for everyone! Get over it and play!

– Can’t handle slow play? Learn how to deal with it because some of the biggest events in Professional and Amateur Golf take 6 hours to play. You can’t always play a 4 hour round and be in perfect rhythm.

No Cheating

– Don’t come back if you can’t play by the rules!

No Whining or Complaining

– Nobody wants to hang out with a complainer. Figure it out and move on!

– What’s there to complain about? You are playing golf! Don’t like it? Go get a real job!

Have More Fun

– When you see my players at a tournament they are usually smiling and having a good time out there. Why? Because you only play well when you are having fun and under less stress. Even at the highest level the guys and girls succeeding are having the time of their lives. They are not stressed and anxious.


– It takes confidence to be a leader and leaders win golf tournaments so let’s learn how to be a leader!

– Do not fear the challenge, instead you should embrace it!

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Chris Smeal, PGA
Founder of Future Champions Golf Inc
Head of Instruction for the Future Champions Golf Academy at Stadium Golf Center

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