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August FCG Academy Student of the Month


Alfonso Franco is August 2016 Student of the Month! (featured on the right)

Alfonso recently moved from Mexicali, MX to train full time at the FCG Academy with both Chris and Luis.  Alfonso has been training diligently in private training program and is also working with a strength and endurance coach to improve his body.  The past two months he has improved dramatically and had two great finishes in FCG National Tour events with a 3rd place and 4th place finish.  He will compete again on October 1-2, 2016 at Riverwalk Golf Club.


Alfonso now averages over 300 yards of the tee, has improved his short game tremendously with several new shots and practice strategies.  His putting continues to improve. Most importantly when anyone is improving it’s important to continue to change the mindset to be more optimistic, the outcome of each shot should become more predictable, and your life should continue to be getting more and more balanced.  Enjoy the process!


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