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Blog Post: CREATIVITY by FCG Founder

Woke up wide awake at 3am today and sat and thought about what it is I do, what I like to do, and what makes me tick.  Everyday I do a ton of different things but it all revolves around CREATING. I love making something come to life or happen that wasn’t there before.  On the lesson tee I realy feel like I am CREATING PEOPLE (might not be the right term but I am going with it).

I say CREATING PEOPLE because although I am not the only influence on these kids lives I recognize I am a significant importance especially to those who have Fully Committed to what I coach (You know who you are and I thank you and your parents for the Opportunity).  I get to CREATE and shape their personalities, CREATE their GOLF SWINGS. help them see perspective, help them understand life through golf.  I think I have cried with more students this year than any other year… kids have it tough these days with pressures to succeed, school, life, etc…



It is NOT EASY!  and it is DEFINITELY not all about GOLF so that’s why I say CREATING PEOPLE (and I love helping people, especially kids).  With Future Champions Golf I am constantly CREATING new experiences, new ideas, new ways to make FCG better.  With my daughter I am CREATING a lifestyle and environment for her to succeed, to let her decide what she really likes to do (She loves Shark Tank, how cool is that! ), and with myself I am simply trying to CREATE a better version of me.  I have a long way to go on my CREATIVE JOURNEY but I am enjoying the Journey more than ever and that’s why I choose to share. Feel free to unfollow, I am paving my own way and so should you. ***the CREATIVITY runs deep in my family thanks to these people

Chris Smeal, PGA
Founder of FCG

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