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Body Swing Connection Webinar

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Join Us and Swing Lab for an informative webinar on the Body Swing Connection!

How Does Growth Affect Junior Golfer’s Performance?

SWING LAB invites you to join us on an interactive webinar on the Body-Swing connection for junior golfers; discussing the importance of understanding the effects of growth on performance & injury prevention.

At The Swing Lab we work with junior golfers of all ages and levels to ensure we identify and remove any physical limitations as they grow to improve performance and prevent injuries as they develop. 

Our process includes both physical and 3D Biomechanics assessments; where we work with golfers across the world both in person and remotely to help them move well and play better golf.

Here are the few main things that we will be discussing: 

  • The Body Swing Connection – How to efficiently create rotation & separation 
  • Junior Golfers Growth period – How it affects mobility, stability, strength and power
  • Proper way of utilizing core & hips in the golf swing 
  • Importance of maximizing performance & preventing injuries for junior golfers

Join Us February 29, 2024 at 6:00 PM PST

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