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Caddy Notes from European Tour Qualifying School 2019

Round 1 summary

  1. Great start with drive in right center…. lay up pushed right which was fine… great calculated approach shot and unlucky to have the ball spin that much uphill with a 9 iron… great par
  2. Worst swing off the tee all day… second one was awesome.  This is where your mental process has to get better.  There is too much negativity, doubt and general cloudiness in your brain that causes you to not be athletic.
  3. Great drive here, approach slight pull but was great miss and just the most perfect putt ever and a great bounce back!
  4. Another tentative swing off the tee.  Approach shot self talk and coming up with the plan was not sharp and clear.  With that lie it should be a punch 7 iron-hold off cut that starts at the pin and works to the middle of green… self talk after that second shot also negative talking about the ball probably plugging…. just wait til you get there and don’t put that negative stuff out in the world… you worry too much. You need to talk about what you can do and how to hit the shot correctly not about how hard the shot was. Great bunker shot to get below the hole hereand leave yourself a straight uphill putt…. again some negative talk after that shot when it was a good one.  Great par putt and an awesome save!
  5. A 1-2 8 iron swing here would have been good… obviously just not omfortable hitting that shot and hitin bunker…  that bunker shot needed a high soft and a lot of juice and the lie was really really firm.  Even a great shot may have still run past…  cause of bogey though was just a below average tee shot.
  6. Good drive here and great lay up to a good yardage… weak wedge swing short and right… looked tentative again and not trusting…. again I feel 100 percent strongly that this is because in your head it’s an in between yardage and you don’t fully treust the decision.  Good par… birdie would have been nice.
  7. Awesome tee shot…. that would have been a great birdie… I had bad angle to see if hat ball started left off the face or not.
  8. Great 4 iron lay up off the tee.  Tentative iron swing block tothe right… good teamwork on the read here and excellent execution on the putt for an awesome birdie!!!
  9. Great tee shot!  2nd shot swing tentative onuphill lie… you did a bunch of stuff prior to hitting that shot that was out of normal routine… took-jacket off, etc…. just didn’t look like you had a clear picture of what you wanted to do there… it’s tough when we are in the clock and having to rush and deal with rain and all that hoes into a round lie today. Didn’t release putter on theputt for double.  Some of the self talk there about it being a tough putt to read… it was straight out of hit correctly or play a little more left if tentative.
  10. Drive ok, weird strike on that one… you said some weird stuff after blocking the 5 iron ob on 9 saying “I just need to release it”.  Not why you missed right there and I think that lead to the left miss on 10 and the weird second shot on 10….  the uphill bunker shot and again “in between clubs”. What if instead you tell yourself more directly “this is a 3/4 50 degree wedge, and balls above my feet so I’ll aim slightly more right on this one” pretty solid bunker shot, I think you were really in your head now at this point as that was the worst stroke of the day pulled left… and again in your head a lot you forgot to putt out :).
  11. Another left iron shot which again I think was because you were in your head and not thinking clearly and probably worried about the 5 iron block on 9 instead of the amazing one you hit off hole 8!  Pitch out was smart, approach shot looked a bit tentative again as it was right of the target with wedge.  Putt didn’t have a chance and again because I don’t think mentally you were in a good place.
  12. Great tee shot…  did fine seeing that read but stroke was tentative… think you may have had some fear of hitting that one too hard…
  13. great drive, great lay up, solid 8 iron low …  you pushed that slightly right into the wind which is why I didn’t work backtk the left but good club selection and good two putt par from that spot.
  14. Just amazing!
  15. Great tee shot, great job figuring out the 8 iron verses 9 iron and stuck and read that putt correctly… you were very direct on that read and you executed without negativity or fear and it was perfectly played Hole
  16. Great drive on 16….  then walking down the fairway I was trying to compliment you in the approach on 15 and you started talking about the ball almost szpinning back down the hill, etc…  that’s where I would rather you talk about the fact that you just went birdie birdie and let’s keep playing athis level and finish the round off in style….  in stead the approach shot on 16 was that tentative swing again…. was not anything like the 6 iron on the par 3 two holes prior….  pitch shot was good!   Now you have a. Really tough putt there to make and all the self talk there didn’t soundto me like you were gonna even give that a chance to getting the hole…  stroke looked tentative again… bogey
  17. Great swing really… just 5 yards too far right…  downhill chip shot with optionstk get it close…   I’m not sure you walked down past that one to see how far left the ball was coming off that slope…  I liked the technique there but I don’t think you read the break right which lead to being too far away from the hole… should have had 5-6 feet there… the par putt was definitely uphill!  You made it sound like it was slightly up which means you weren’t sure…  this is key for me because most people will leave that putt short based on that self talk… you need to know it’s uphill and strike it correctly….
  18. great drive…. tentative approach swing with hybrid…. awesome pitch shot then complained a bit that it didn’t roll out but you only had 5 feet and the pitch had a lot of left break the shorter you landed it…  great putt and another very direct read that it was left edge and you executed a perfect putt!  I loved that one!

End of the day you got in the car and you said “just two bad swings”.  That’s easy to say yes but to me it is so much more than that…. please re read these notes a lot and take it as advice for tomorrow and all future rounds of golf…..   you have a ton of game but your attitude and mindset need to get better…. this is not an option in your development.  I can easily see with a better mental approach tomorrow you could shoot 68 or better… of the mental game is the same it’s gonna be about the same result…

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