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Case Study on Goal Setting and Planning

Goal Setting Case Study (hope this helps someone get better at something/ anything)

Just like with improving your golf game you need specific goals and specific objectives to have a chance to succeed. Once the objective is set you need a “plan” on how to achieve these goals. If you’ve never accomplished a goal like you’re trying to achieve you need to be optimistic, you need to believe you can do it, you need support, you need your team to know what you’re trying to achieve. 

This year I challenged our FCG Team to double the field size at our FCG Callaway World Championship. I remember the meeting specifically and how we at first weren’t sure it could be done but we took the time to map out a gameplan. Who do we need to be involved?  Who do we need to talk to?  How do we promote it?  How do we get other tours to host qualifiers?  What’s important for people to know about the event?  We set specific objectives and goals to achieve and each month we looked at where we were at and what we needed to do. 

I am so proud of our Team and so pleased to say that the FCG Callaway World Championship is basically now full except for a few spots in a few more qualifying events. We have 450 players registered, another 20 on the way list, and the remaining qualifying spots. So we will have grown the event from 225 players to nearly 500 in one year.  This is not possible without so many people believing in what we are doing. We’re not like other junior golf tours and we never set out to be. We want to do really cool, really big things. It’s not ok with us to be the same year after year, we want and demand more. We want more kids to realize their potential and have a chance at that one moment when they realize “I can do this” “I should put more time into this cause I am really good” “I want to play in college” “I want to be a Professional Golfer” “I want to achieve goals”. 

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Thanks for reading… set some goals and crush them!  

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