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Chloe Park (2025)

Chloe Park (2025)

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

5’3″ 109 lbs

3.4 GPA

My dad took me golfing for the first time when I was 10 years old. At that time, I had many
different hobbies, such as skiing, playing the guitar and piano, drawing, and painting. I played golf for fun with my family and friends for a while, until I fell in love with the sport. The challenge that golf brings motivated me to become a better player. It took a lot of time for me to fully be dedicated, but I knew I loved golf and I wanted to be good at it. Currently I am playing on the Toyota Tour Cup, along with FCG tournaments. I have been playing many tournaments this summer and fall season and have constantly been shooting lower scores. The best part of my game at the moment is my distance and my attitude on the course. I can hit the ball further than many juniors, which can be helpful. I averaged around 250-270 around 2 weekends ago at FCG Twin oaks. I always keep a smile on my face with my chin up whether I’m playing the worst or the best. The weakest part of my game is my wedges. With far drives in the fairway and a wedge on many holes, my wedges can be very inconsistent, which is what I am working on right now. With better wedge game, I’ll be able to make more birdies and shoot lower scores.

Recent Results:

May 27-28 NTL at Temecula Creek GC- O/C (85, 74) 17th

Jun 17-18 WS- Challenge Cup at Arrowood GC (78, 77) 24th

Sep 2-3 Labor Day Champ at Twin Oaks Golf Course (82, 75) T23

Jul 9-11 FCG World Series Gobal Cup at Encinitas Ranch GC (72,73,80) 13th

Sep 9-10 NTL at Arrowood (77, 74) T10

Aug 12-14 SD JR AM at Encinitas Ranch GC (77,74)

Oct 14-15 FCG National Tour Desert at Westin Mission Hills (77,69) T9

Aug 5-6 FCG Invitational at Rancho Bernando Inn (78,75) T4

Sep 30-Oct 1 Club 60 Invitational at Redhawk Golf Club (75, 80) 3rd




Coach: Brian Jung

+1 (604) 802- 0581

High School golf coach: Todd DeAngelis

+1 (562) 665-2471

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