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Coaching Blog: Chris Smeal Tips for Improving Mental Game

I post swings on Instagram/Facebook but that’s only cause that’s the fun to look at part of coaching… the reality of what I do and what I like to share is quite different and I think a difference maker when it comes to why my players are experiencing so much success. Knowing what to say and when is a huge part of coaching.

Here is what I said tonight to a player who has a chance to win her first college tournament. If you learn something from this then this was worth typing out. Thanks for listening to my stuff:

Student: How do I deal with the anxiety? I had a ton today but managed to get through it…

Me: Squeeze your fists hard and then let go to release tension…. think about anything else besides golf in between shots! Then when you’re like 20 yards from your ball get back to ok now what I do with this shot….

Anxiety is normal but you have to learn to embrace it. You also have to learn where it’s coming from so you can get rid of some of it… there’s crap in all of our heads from past experiences that lead to lack of confidence… as we grow and mature we learn what those are… it’s a process so you can’t figure it all out tonight but you can recognize it and breathe and find some love for each shot that may possibly pull off epic shots. But In the end when you feel anxious say “watch this fools” and show off how good you are rather than feel like oh crap this is a tough shot and I could really blow this…. this is fun stuff girl! Enjoy it and let’s make some serious moves! One chance!

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