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Coaching Individual Player’s Needs

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I have been asked a lot lately about what my philosophy is for teaching. I help each of my students get to a place where they can be comfortable with everything they are doing in their golf game and in their life. There are a lot of pieces to the “Golf Puzzle” and if any of the pieces are not in place then GOLF IS HARD! I want to share an example of what coaching is for me, and why training at the FCG Academy is focused solely on each individual player’s needs.


Yesterday one of my top students (who I have coached for 2.5 years) and has won 18 tournaments in just over a year’s span, came in and said “I’m not doing anything right”. He looked sad and worried about his golf game. I asked him – What if Jack Nicklaus showed up today and asked you to hit a few balls? And what if Jack Nicklaus said “You have the best swing I have ever seen! You will be a major champion someday!” – Would you feel better about how you’re swinging now? He immediately perked up and had his inspiration and belief back. I had this conversation with him before I watched him hit a single ball. Your mind needs to be in the right place to improve, to play well, to flip the switch, and to get back to dominating.

Remember This! You choose to feel the way you feel! You don’t have to react negatively to a missed putt or a higher than normal score!!! Choose to be awesome! Choose to be better than the rest! Treat yourself like a professional and maybe you will play like one!


Chris Smeal, PGA

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