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Coaching Junior Golfers

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When you train at the Future Champions Golf Academy at Stadium Golf Center you always get way more than just a swing video lesson. The ultimate goal is to develop the most complete players in the game and we do that through strategic conversation between coach and player, and parents too. When I work with my players every lesson starts inside our office face-to-face. We discuss where you are at with your game, previous tournament rounds, how you’re feeling, etc. It’s amazing the difference in the conversations I have with my players from year to year. It is always so fun to see players go from sounding frustrated, angry, anxious, upset, and then to hear them talk calmly, peacefully, and positively about their game. We always work on getting your mind in the right place before each shot to have successful tournament play.

Coach Chris Smeal of Future Champions Golf

Swing Philosophy – To develop the most natural golf swing to fit the player, that eliminates misses, and more importantly – is efficient and able to easily adjust and shape golf shots. It is more important to KNOW YOUR SWING than have the PERFECT SWING. All players will learn how to develop Speed!


With an emphasis on complete player development our students have now earned over 40 College Golf Scholarships to Major Universities including USC, SDSU, CSU San Marcos, Pt Loma Nazarene, Lehigh, and many more. Our students have racked up more than 300 Junior Golf and Collegiate Golf Victories.

Many people fear taking lessons because they think the coach will tear apart their swing and change everything. I work within your current framework. If we make a big change it’s because there is something going on that will never work under pressure at a high level. Everything is based on building a consistent game, with tremendous feel for YOUR SWING, and an understanding of ball flight and how to make adjustments to have every shot you need to SCORE LOW!

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Chris Smeal, PGA
Future Champions Golf Academy

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