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Cooper Hambrick (2023)

Cooper Hambrick (2023)

High School: Rancho Bernardo HS

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 155

GPA: 3.9

Personal Statement: My name is Cooper Hambrick and golf is my passion. I live, work, and practice at my golf club daily. My family, friends, coworkers, and community know I love to be challenged as demonstrated by my earned Eagle Scout rank, Junior Black Belt, All-star athlete awards and literature awards. I pride myself in my constant work ethic and am confident it will pay off. The game continues to teach me greater life lessons such as humility, hard work, and persistence. As captain of my golf team, I enjoy leading our team on and off the course while we build essential skills, character and values necessary to succeed. I have faith I will humbly succeed in my goals to contribute positively to a college golf team while pursuing a top notch education. I have been fortunate to learn the value of serving others and feel grateful I can give back. As I stay flexible to new opportunities ahead, my ultimate goal is to contribute to a career in the golf industry.

Tournament Results:

1. FCG Collegiate National Championship @ Rancho Bernardo Inn: 69-68-68
2. FCG Invitational @ Rancho Bernardo Inn: 66-73
3. FCG Labor Day Championship @ Twin Oaks: 68-72
4. FCG Collegiate Summer Series @ Encinitas Ranch: 74-68-74
5. 2021 & 2022 Junior Club Championship @ The Heights: 73-73
6. SDJGA Strackaline Junior @ Singing Hills: 71-74
7. SCPGA Toyota Tour Cup @ Olivas Links: 75-71

Upcoming Events:

November 12-13: FCG Veterans Day Championship @ Arrowood
December 19-20: FCG Collegiate Showcase @ Twin Oaks


Swing Coach: Matt Nicolle (858-243-0887)


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