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Day in the Life: Division 1 Golfer

Kira GolferPlaying Division 1 golf has been a dream of mine that came true. This past August, I drove from my home in California to the University of Wyoming to start my collegiate golf career. The moment I arrived to campus, I moved in and immediately jumped right in to my new life as a student athlete. Upon arriving on move in day, I already had a schedule that included team practices daily, team building, team exercising for example, daily weight lifting, outdoor yoga, etc., we had team BBQ’s and this was all in the first week. I had not even started classes yet. It was really nice because I didn’t have time to get homesick.

Kira ReisnerMy daily life is very busy but it is filled with all the stuff I love. I am taking 16 credits my first semester and have classes three days a week with golf practice and weight lifting and my team schedule sprinkled all through my days. My main goal is to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity that I have been given and work my hardest to be successful in both academics and golf.

Kira Reisner
University of Wyoming

Kira Reisner, University of Wyoming

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