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Develop an A+ Gameplan to Help Your Student-Athlete Become Discovered

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Good Morning FCG members,
We are grateful to have Chuck Liddiard, Founder & Executive Director of the Paratum Scholars, present a webinar titled “Develop an A+ Gameplan to Help Your Student-Athlete Become Discovered” specifically for our FCG membership.
The webinar will take place on June 12th at 6:00 PM PST and you can RSVP your family’s spot here.  All RSVPs will also be sent a recording of the presentation.  Chuck will also be offering complimentary 1:1 family meetings with FCG members later this summer.  He will join us in Temecula at the FCG International Champions, as well as in Palm Springs for the FCG Callaway World Championship.
About the Webinar
Chuck Liddiard is excited to share the latest trends and changes in the NCAA athletic recruitment process with the Future Champions Golf Tour membership. Attendees will receive ready-to-implement tips and strategies for their child to develop a stronger, more effective athletic recruitment profile—to help with their goal to “become discovered” and play at the collegiate level.  Topics to be discussed include:
● Athletic Scholarships: Myth vs Reality
● How the Transfer Portal is Changing Athletic Recruitment
● Timing: Important Dates for Golf Recruitment
● Rules: Do’s And Don’ts
● How to Present Yourself so Coaches will Notice You
● Athletic Commitments & Offers
About Chuck Liddiard
Chuck Liddiard has spent the last twenty years immersed in the world of secondary and higher education. He has spent eight years working with young people in the high school setting as a basketball coach, assistant athletic director, and college counselor. While at Rolling Hills Preparatory School, Chuck served as the college counselor for college-bound student-athletes, where under his council, the Class of 2023 saw 28% of its graduating class recruited to play at the NCAA D1, D2 & D3 levels. Chuck also has nine years of college counseling experience, spending the majority of that time as the Associate Director of Admissions for the University of Delaware, where he has evaluated over 25,000 applications and reviewed more than 30,000 college essays.
Paratum ScholarsIn 2017, Chuck founded the Paratum Scholars, a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to “prepare students to discover their passion and their path beyond high school by unlocking their entrepreneurial potential”. He has counseled many families on the college search and application process, many of them who continued their desired sport while attending college.
Chuck holds a Master’s degree in Education, as well as Sports Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University. He currently lives in Long Beach, CA with his wife Anya, and two daughters, Sasha and Sophia.
If you have any questions about the webinar, please feel free to contact Chuck Liddiard by email at  We look forward to seeing you on June 12th.

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