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FCG Academy – Coach Smeal’s Notes to Family after Playing Lesson Evaluation


Today was a great day at Woods Valley! Thanks for the opportunity to take the girls golfing. They all learned a tremendous amount! Here is a recap:

Talked a lot about course strategy with everyone especially what side of the tee to tee off on to make each hole bigger and to protect your miss.

She didn’t know what a flyer lie is but she does now and hopefully she can recognize them and adjust accordingly and know why the ball rolls out or jumps in those situations.

I took a ton of video of full swing, short game, and putting, as well as her routine and will send you that into her Edufii Student Account.

Her swing still needs work to take it to the next level. Her left hand grip is too weak still and she’s still cupped at the top and half way down in the down swing the face is wide open causing her to FLIP at impact… she’s hitting it straight but still too short for her speed and too high…

Hole 1- target line supposed to be right center but with swing she hit a pull in left rough which was fine because of our alignment plan. Second shot was a flyer she hit a great shot 20 feet last pin. Severe left to right putt and she misread on low side leaving herself a tough 4 foot slider but she made it for par.

2- great drive and great second shot, nice chip and made great braking putt for birdie!

3- good shot but one club too long putting her past pin high with a fast downhill putt, misjudged this putt and blew it past… she needs to recognize that tough putts and speedy greens you need to leave yourself the easiest angles… she 4 putted this because of not having that knowledge… should have been par

4- same thing as 3 hit approach past oin high and blew it past… needs to know that it’s fast and have the touch and feel to handle it to make it an easy two putt still – bogey but should be easy par

5- great drive, 76 yards and hit a swing past parallel with open face and came up way short but chipped in for birdie! Needs a more compact wedge swing with more square face… lower trajectory with more spin

6- great drive… second shot straight into wind… of she improves her swing she’ll be able to play this shot in the back of her stance and punch it low under the wind… and control the trajectory better.. still made par but sloppy

7- I said aim right and hit it right and because of swing hit it good but big pull and missed left but lucky it was ok… wedge shot perfect distance but big block 20 feet right of target cause face still open

8- worse swing of day a fat pull cause face too open coming down and she just slammed the club shut with her weight back… great pitch shot but missed short putt – should be easy par

9- great drive with our alignment strategy, second shot needs to miss left but missed right in junk, I think she got Jon down still for par but that should be a birdie every time after that drive

10- missed in right rough but ok, 2nd shot right but safe, good pitch shot and great putt made

11- drive right, with ball above her feet and in tough she should have laid up with a 6 or 7 iron, she hit hybrid and missed right into trouble… should be easy par here… when in trouble get out of trouble and hit a great next shot but don’t go from trouble to more trouble

12- missed right off tee again with a weak swing and not committed to a target line. Had 5 foot par putt but missed low and too soft. Should be easy par

13- par 3 video I sent you above.. flipped it and came up well short but hit awesome pitch and made the putt… great par but sloppy and unneeded

14- great drive… 76 yards to hole and flipped under it and hit it 66 yards. Good putt from fringe… needs to have 15 feet or less for birdie from 76 yards tho… lower shot more compression more spin and better distance control

15 – drove the green on par 4! Long putt and she came up short and left and missed the birdie putt… I showed her in a long lag to practice and see the putter path swinging to the right in the right to left putt. She’ll get so much better after that!

16- par 3 flipped it again and came up short and good pitch shot, got distracted and missed a short putt. Should be easy par here and should always have a look at birdie from that yardage

17 – safe drive but in right rough, judges the flier lie great and hit it to 15 feet and made the putt for birdie!

18 – time to close the deal! Great drive. Told her to lay up with 7 iron at center fairway and flipped again into fairway bunker… hit awesome Iron shot onto the green with decent look for birdie… I told her to read it well and play max break and lag it and if it falls in great.. she had a 1 footer for her beat round …

Well played! As you can see from the notes it’s just some clean up work and more focus on strategy and knowledge and she’s beating everyone!

More to come…. please share with her but don’t change the swing tonight or tomorrow am…

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