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Fall Tournament Season Tips


Fall Tournament Season is Underway!  Here are a couple of Tips to maximize your performance during this busy time of year…

#1 – Be Organized and Set a Plan – Plan your schedule in advance so you can know where you are playing, plan practice rounds for events that you can (sometimes hard to do in the Fall)

#2 – Play on a course every Friday afternoon before your weekend tournaments!  – I think this is key and tell all of my competitive players to do their best to even play a few holes on Fridays before the weekend’s event,  You want to get some of the kinks out Friday before your first few holes on Saturday.  A lot of kids practice a few days during the week but haven’t hit a shot on the course.

#3 – Good time to work on getting better at adjusting and acclimating to new courses and conditions.  You need to know how to show up at a course and figure it out quickly.  Understand how to figure out the speed of the greens, how the greens react to chips and pitches, and how the ball will react on approach shots into the green.  Nice to figure out if the drives will be rolling or stopping too.

#4 – Lower Your Expectations – Remember the Fall is a busy time of the year… The days are shorter, you have more school work, and you are likely playing less golf than in summer. When you play a lot its much easier to get in a groove so realize this and by lowering your expectations you may just have more success.

#5 – Have Fun Competing! – If you are not having fun in tournaments than you are doing this whole thing wrong and I advise you to pick up the phone and call me so we can talk about it.  Nothing worse than a 14 year old playing golf like its a job already.  At FCG we want your youth years to be just that – full of fun times in pursuit of greatness on the golf course and develop a solid system for playing this game.

Written by Chris Smeal, PGA
Founder of Future Champions Golf

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