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FCG – Brain Based Performance Training

Joe Locascio – FCG Brain Based Performance Coach


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What is brain based performance training?

  1. Brain based training improves a golfers ability to see, balance and move. To play golf at an elite level, a golfer must perform all three aspects at above average.  Most programs out there are doing a great job at tackling moving well.  By bringing the same attitude to training sight and balance, the golfer’s potential for consistently playing better increase tremendously.
  2. Seeing, balancing and moving well are staples of elite athleticism. By focusing on performance through a brain based lens, a golfer has endless options to improve their ability to shoot lower scores by assessing and training the visual, balance and movement systems.
  3. A training system that gets results faster by harnessing the speed and power of the nervous system

What is vision training?

  1. Eyes have specific tasks to help a golfer perform just as the body does.  Without their input, a golfer will struggle with distances, miss putts and perform with less efficiency through each aspect of golf.
  2. The ability to read greens and gauge distances requires accurate visual input. Training the vision system provides more accurate information for a golfers body to get the ball up and down more consistently.

What is balance training?

  1. The ability to rotate and produce power well lives in the inner ear.  By focusing on the specific head movements that activate the balance system, a golfers brain/body connection is enhanced allowing for more consistent rotation and power.
  2. The ability to produce power requires a tremendous amount of inner ear input. This input along with the input from the body and eyes allows an increase of power and speed through rotation.

What is different about movement with a brain based approach?

By targeting joint range of motion and strength of muscles required for the golf swing to be done well, a new level of detail about how those joints and muscles affect movement is crucial.  Brains need specific tasks to be good at, by only practicing big movements, your brain will ignore some of the smaller details that can be the difference for an elite, pain/injury free golfer.

How is Brain Based Training Different?

A person does not rely only on the body to perform.  Without assessing and training the skills of the visual and balance systems, the information for the brain to play golf at an elite level is incomplete.

Why should I start a brain based program?

  1. Your golf swing is produced by your brain and it requires more input than movement alone.  This program will give you the confidence that every aspect of playing golf is enhanced to play your very best more often.
  2. As an athlete, playing well is tons of fun. With a brain down thought process and training program, every variable is taken into account for you to play well more consistently.





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