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FCG Kids Tour at The Loma Club

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Future Champions Golf hosted a Kids Tour event at The Loma Club in Liberty Station this past Saturday. The beautiful course demands precision tee shots for low scores and punishes any errant ones with bunkers guarding many greens and trees lining each hole. The players in the field at this particular kids tour event, met the challenges without any hesitation.

Kids Tour Loma Linda


The Boys 11-14 division was the first to wrap up play after nine holes. Jacob Paule from Chula Vista took home his second consecutive victory on the Kids Tour after shooting 27(E) for the day. Graham Walker from Rancho Santa Fe shot 33(+6) and took home the second place award. The third place award went to Aiden Aguilera from Chula Vista after he shot 35(+8).

The Girls 11-14 division followed right behind the boys, and we found Sofina Firouzi from Rancho Santa Fe atop the leaderboard after shooting 37(+10). Second place was awarded to Lauren Coast from Rancho Bernardo after she shot 39(+12) and won the card off. Muzi Wei from La Jolla shot 39(+12) but took home the third place trophy due to the card off.

Congratulations to all players in the 11-14 divisions, we look forward to your next FCG Kids Tour event!


The Boys 9-10 division was led by Kai Salinas from San Diego, CA and after his round of 36(+7) he released his caddie from his duties so that they could cheer his sister on. The Girls 9-10 division featured Lucy Yuan from San Diego, as its champion after her round of 29(+2). Danica Williams from San Diego, also played well, carding a 34(+7) and taking home second place. Third place was awarded to Emilee Canepa from San Diego after shooting 38(+11). Congratulations to all players in our 9-10 divisions! We look forward to hosting your next Kids Tour event!


The Boys 7-8 division was one of the larger divisions on the course at the Loma Club, and though golf was the main course for all of these young boys, many could hardly wait to try their hand at many of the games set up at the Loma Club after the round. Jaiden Davis from Chula Vista took home the first place award after shooting 34(+7) on the tough little track and proceeded to take on all challengers on the ping-pong table. Yu Ohashi from Kumamoto Japan met Davis’s challenge both on the course and off; Ohashi was awarded the second place trophy after shooting 36(+9). Third place was awarded to Daniel Chazen after he shot 38(+11) on the demanding little course.

The Girls 7-8 division comes in just behind the boys and featured Isabella Itkin from La Jolla as the champion after she shot 38(+11). Cooper Gilmore, also from La Jolla, shot 39(+12) earning the second place award. Third place was awarded to Liliana Davis after she carded a 41(+14) for the day. These girls played well and remained focused the entire day; from tee to green, from the first hole through the signing of the scorecards. Well played girls, we hope to see you again soon.

Congratulations to all players in our 7-8 divisions, we look forward to your next Kids Tour event with Future Champions Golf.

6 and Under

The Boys and Girls 6 and under divisions played together during the round. As such, we will lump them together in our recap, ensuring each player gets ample time in the spotlight! We will begin with the Boys 6 and under division in our recap. Trenton Bascon from San Clemente shot 41(+14) and took home the championship award. Sage Brandon came in all smiles and was awarded the second place trophy after shooting 45(+18). The Girls are next, and come in just as happy as the boys. Zoe Salinas from San Diego, though just getting over a small cold, pulled it together on the course to finish with a 38(+11) and was awarded the first place trophy. Janette Dunn from Escondido shot 52(+25) earning her the second place trophy. Congratulations to all players in our 6 and under divisions.

Future Champions Golf would like to extend thanks to all staff, volunteers, players, and of course, the parents. Without all of you, FCG would not be able to provide the competitive and exciting atmosphere that we have all come to enjoy at events of this magnitude. Future Champions Golf would also like to recognize The Loma Club for all their assistance and allowing us to host our event at their facility. Finally, we would like to offer a special thank you to Callaway Golf for providing a sleeve of Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls as a tee prize to all competitors. Once again thank you for all the support, we look forward to making your next experience with Future Champions Golf as rewarding as this one!

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