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FCG Member Experience

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FCG Members,

What a road FCG has gone through. I have seen this company grow so much over time and cannot wait to see what this company will hold in the future. I started with FCG seven years ago as a junior in high school I had no aspiration of playing collegiate golf because I did not know how to make it. I first started going to Chris for him to show me the road to college golf. From this first meeting Chris showed me what to do by guiding me in what tournaments to play, to swing analysis, and how to get in contact with coaches. Chris guided me to get in contact with schools and with that I made it into college golf.

With Hard Work, Anything is Possible

The experience I gained from playing in FCG tournaments helped me immensely in preparing for college level play. I played five years of college golf for California Baptist University in Riverside, California. The coaches at this school saw my hard work ethic and what a great coach I had at home that would help me improve my game. Over these five years I have continued to grow in the game of golf with the continued friendship with Chris. I had a successful career at CBU by winning two collegiate events and also winning countless awards.

Chris showed me that with hard work, anything is possible. Collegiate golf has been a great experience for me by being able to travel the country and meeting players from all over the world and  developing friendships that are going to last forever.  Now being done with school I continue to want to help FCG grow the game. I plan on working with FCG and using the knowledge from college to help with the expansion of FCG.

I want to thank Chris for all the hard work and thank the whole FCG staff for being a part of this great journey. I want every player to have the success that I have had and with hard work anything is possible. Set goals for you to accomplish and continue to work hard never give up on those goals. I hope this can help anyone who is having a difficult time on deciding whether or not to play golf in college.

– Stephen Watson, FCG Member

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