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FCG Step-up Tour Chula Vista Golf Course

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Future Champions Golf headed to South Bay in San Diego for its most recent Step-Up Tour event at Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course. The course had excellent greens that rolled fast and true. The firm conditions and gusty winds made for some deep drives. Without further ado let’s continue on to our champion spotlight in our event recap.


College Prep

Emiliano Garcia and Kobe Freeman duked it out on the links at Chula Vista Golf Course for the championship trophy. Garcia, from Tijuana, took home the first place award after shooting 84(+11). Kobe Freeman, from Murrieta, was awarded the second place medal after shooting 97(+24). Congratulations to all players in our college prep divisions.

14 and Under

The Girls 14 and under division is the next to come in to the scoring table. Lauren Coast from Rancho Bernardo would took home the first place award after shooting 101(+28) on the tough course. Carissa Freeman from San Diego shot 106(+33) and took home the second place award. Congratulations to all players in our 14 and under divisions, we look forward to seeing you at the next FCG event.


The Boys 11-12 division dominated the field. Jacob Paule from Chula Vista shot 76(+3) and took home the championship trophy after a great weekend. Second place was awarded to Arman Rahgozar from San Diego after shooting 80(+7) on the quick greens. Philippe Yturralde from San Diego shot 85(+12) and took home the third place award. Congratulations to all players in our 11-12 age divisions, we look forward to your next FCG Step-up Tour event.

10 and under

The Boys 10 and under division featured Jaiden Davis, from Chula Vista, and Quincy Costales from San Marcos as the main attraction. The boys both played exceptionally on the long course and ended up tying after 18 holes at 105(+32). The playoff was something to see as the boys both striped their drives and hit great approach shots. Unfortunately, there could only be one winner and Jaiden Davis made a seven foot putt for his victory. Quincy took second place after a great round and valiant effort in the play off hole. Congratulations to all players in our boys 10 and under division, we look forward to seeing you at your next FCG Step Up tour event.

Future Champions Golf would like to extend thanks to all staff, volunteers, players, and of course, the parents. Without all of you, FCG would not be able to provide the competitive and exciting atmosphere that we have all come to enjoy at events of this magnitude. Future Champions Golf would also like to recognize Chula Vista Golf Course for all their assistance and allowing us to host our event at their facility. Finally, we would like to offer a special thank you to Callaway Golf for providing one sleeve of Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls as a tee prize to all competitors. Once again thank you for all the support, we look forward to making your next experience with Future Champions Golf as rewarding as this one!

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