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Full Field This Weekend at Twin Oaks / Tips from Coach Chris

Our annual Back to School Labor Day Weekend Championship is full (90 Players) and we are pumped to bring you a first class event at beautiful Twin Oaks Golf Course!

Your Development is Very Important To Us!!!
Couple Tournament Tips and Keys from FCG Founder – Chris Smeal

  • Play One Shot at a Time and Let the Magic Happen
  • Stay in the Moment
  • Be Consistent and Productive in your Pre-Tournament Warm Up
  • Bounce Backs are Key for your Development.  After a mistake get right back to solid golf by calming yourself down and getting back to your consistent routine.
  • Watch for Tension in your body especially hands, arms, and shoulders.
  • Breathe Deep and Often
  • Make sure your wedge system is DIALED IN – This is Twin Oaks and there are a lot of Birdie Holes!
  • Don’t forget to have Fun!  This is Junior Golf!

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