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Fundraiser for Ian Gilligan – Junior Golfer battling Lymphoma – All $ raised to go directly to hist charity

Hey All!

For the next 5 days we are donating 100% of all money spent at FCG Tour on Memberships for the remaining 2018 Season to support Ian Gilligan… a junior golfer here in California who is battling a rare form of cancer.  Please read below to learn more about Ian and how you can help!

Join FCG Today for rest of 2018 with tons of events still remaining and all $$$ goes directly to his charity!

In June of this year (2018), Ian was diagnosed with a super rare form of Lymphoma. Less than 20 kids in the world have ever had it and outcomes are not good for adults. Fortunately, Ian’s treatment is succeeding at removing the cancer from his body.

For those you that don’t know Ian, he is a national class junior golfer.

Ian is the champion high school golfer of Northern Nevada for 2018 as a freshman and has placed as high as 10th in the junior world championships.

The Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation has been amazing in their support of Ian and family and continues to do so in many ways.

By supporting this organization, you can make a big impact in this smaller community of Northern Nevada.

Even with insurance, families endure substantial financial obligations on top of what can be debilitating emotional strain.

The Gilligan family and the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation would be extremely grateful for any amount you choose to give to this wonderful organization.

Thank you!

Ian, Julie, and Grant Gilligan

Click Here to Support Directly

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