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About Future Champions Golf – The FCG Difference

About Future Champions Golf – The FCG Difference

  • Provide the Most Positive Environment for Development and Create More Opportunities for All Players to Succeed
  • Staff to Help Educate Players and Families on Playing Competitive Golf
    • Our staff is made up of PGA Members, USGA Certified Rules Officials, College Golfers, Former College Golfers, and almost all are former FCG Tour players and know exactly how we want the events to run.  – No Interns
  • We Outwork our Competition because we care the most
  • Teach the Work Ethic that Helps Players Succeed in Golf and in Life
  • Membership is NOT required to Play
  • We are a small business and we all wear a lot of hats to make the FCG Tour work.  We started the program simply to make junior golf better,
    more affordable, more fun, and with the desire to keep kids interested in the game longer and avoid burnout.

Future Champions Golf was developed to better help our kids succeed in golf.  Started in 2004 by PGA Teaching Professional Chris Smeal as an instruction only program at Stadium Golf Center in San Diego, CA.  After a few years of success developing young players and high school kids the program really took shape in 2007 as more and more good players started training with Chris at the Academy.  After hearing from players and parents and seeing a need for a new tournament platform Chris launched the FCG Tour and hired Antrone Williams to be the Tournament Director.  The first year FCG Tour hosted 12 two-day events and one Kids Tour event a month on local par 3 and executive courses.  FCG has always tried to develop what was needed in junior golf, strives to make each program better all the time.  In 2008 FCG launched the San Diego Junior Amateur which today is called the FCG National Championship.  This event has grown to host as many as 550 players from all over the world and is annually held in San Diego during Winter Break.  Last event featured 37 College Coaches on site recruiting at the event.  The Tour is highlighted by the FCG World Series Events that makes up 12 amazing tournament opportunities that attract players from around the world.  The biggest events include the FCG National Championship (550 Players) , the FCG International Junior Golf Championship (632 Players from 32 Countries) the FCG Callaway World Championship at Mission Hills (2022 680 Players from 40 Countries).  We now have qualifying events for our top world series events all around the world and across the USA in most States.  The FCG Academy is still located at Stadium Golf Center and has seen tremendous success across the board from helping players to play college golf and just loving the game and playing for the right reasons. We pride ourselves on creating the most positive environment for our kids and hope they learn to just love the game, time with their friends and family, and if they choose they have the right opportunity to play at the highest level.  To date 167 students have earned College Golf Scholarships.

We have a huge vision for the Future Champions Golf Tour and we hope you join in the fun.

What College Coaches Say About FCG 

What Parents and Players Say About FCG

A few other programs and initiatives we host or support:

  • FCG Top 50 Elite Junior Golf Coach Award
  • FCG World Putting Championship
  • Friends of Jaclyn Charity
  • San Diego Junior Golf Association
  • Pro Kids Golf Academy

Recent Post from our FCG Founder – Chris Smeal 

Woke up wide awake at 3am today and sat and thought about what it is I do, what I like to do, and what makes me tick.  Everyday I do a ton of different things but it all revolves around CREATING. I love making something come to life or happen that wasn’t there before.  On the lesson tee I realy feel like I am CREATING PEOPLE (might not be the right term but I am going with it).  I say CREATING PEOPLE because although I am not the only influence on these kids lives I recognize I am a significant importance especially to those who have Fully Committed to what I coach (You know who you are and I thank you and your parents for the Opportunity).  I get to CREATE and shape their personalities, CREATE their GOLF SWINGS. help them see perspective, help them understand life through golf.  I think I have cried with more students this year than any other year… kids have it tough these days with pressures to succeed, school, life, etc… It is NOT EASY!  and it is DEFINITELY not all about GOLF so that’s why I say CREATING PEOPLE (and I love helping people, especially kids).  With Future Champions Golf I am constantly CREATING new experiences, new ideas, new ways to make FCG better.  With my daughter I am CREATING a lifestyle and environment for her to succeed, to let her decide what she really likes to do (She loves Shark Tank, how cool is that! ), and with myself I am simply trying to CREATE a better version of me.  I have a long way to go on my CREATIVE JOURNEY but I am enjoying the Journey more than ever and that’s why I choose to share. Feel free to unfollow, I am paving my own way and so should you. ***the CREATIVITY runs deep in my family thanks to these people – with BriGeeski Chris Smeal Cheri Smeal



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