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Future Champions Golf Kids Tour Welk Resort

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Future Champions Golf held one of its Kids Tour events at the beautiful Welk Resort on the fountains course this past weekend, on the eve before Easter Sunday. The Fountains course has small greens which demand exceptional control over every shot. The undulations in the greens also require precision on and around the greens. Without further delay let’s continue on to our champion spotlight in our kids tour recap.
Kids Tour    Kids Tour


The Boys 11-14 division was the first group to play all 18 holes on the par 60 Fountain Course. Chris Hanson would lead the way and takes home the first place trophy after shooting 70(+10) on the day. Lorenzo Neilson would follow close behind, shooting 80(+20) to wrap up his round; he is awarded with second place. Finally, Jeffrey DeOcampo would take home the third place trophy after shooting 83(+23) on the tough little track. Sofina Firouzi would represent the Girls 11-14 division and akes home her very own first place trophy after shooting 91(+29).

Kids Tour


The Boys 9-10 division would finish play shortly after the girls 11-14 division. Jay Xu would finish in first place after he shot 69(+9) on the Fountains course. Elijah Goulbourne would shoot 78(+18) and takes home the second place trophy. Finally, Chris Anguelov would take home third after he shot 87(+27). Lucy Yuan played in the Girls 9-10 division and would shoot an impressive 71(+9) on the par 62 course, rivaling some of the better scores on the course for the day.

Kids Tour


Thomas Browning would lead the charge for the boys 7-8 division. They would play 9 holes and browning would finish in first place after shooting 36(+5). Yu Ohashi claims second place after shooting 43(+12). Third place was awarded to Pierre Campa after his showing of 54(+23).

The Girls 7-8 would also play 9 holes and would chase the Boys divisions around the course. Isabella Itkin would shoot 45(+14) and takes home the first place award. Second place then went to Jordin DeOcampo after her round of 54(+23).

Kids Tour

6 and under

The boys 6 and under division is the last group of boys to come in to scoring after 9 holes of play. Connor Szczechowicz would take home the first place award after shooting 43(+12). Second place went to Maximus Peek after his round of 46(+15). Lastly, Trenton Bascon takes third after shooting 51(+20) on the challenging Fountain course at Welk Resort.

Kids Tour

The Girls 6 and under followed their boy counterparts and Zoe Salinas would fire in a solid round of 46(+15) to take home the victory. Janette Dunn would shoot 58(+27 and is awarded with the second place trophy.

Future Champions Golf would like to extend thanks to all staff, volunteers, players, and of course, the parents. Without all of you, FCG would not be able to provide the competitive and exciting atmosphere that we have all come to enjoy at events of this magnitude. Future Champions Golf would also like to recognize Welk Resort for all their assistance and allowing us to host our event at their facility. Finally, we would like to offer a special thank you to Callaway Golf for providing a sleeve of Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls as a tee prize to all competitors. Once again thank you for all the support, we look forward to making your next experience with Future Champions Golf as rewarding as this one!

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