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Future Champions Golf launches New Social Media Group

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Recently I launched a new Facebook Group called FCG – MENTORING JUNIOR GOLFERS. The group is filled with almost 400 Golf Coaches/ Instructors from around the world who all coach junior golfers. The mission of the new platform is to better connect with coaches and to have open dialogue about how we can help Coach Players better. With over 11 years of success coaching and mentoring junior golfers and their parents on successful development we feel we have a message that people from all over the world will want to here. We aim to become the leading brand in Junior Golf with providing the right information to best help develop the kids that we care so much about. We are here to help, we are here to answer your questions, please contact us if you need some help. Stay tuned for some new platforms to better help you and your son or daughter become a great player and an even better person.


Here is an entry from the New Group: Watching the recap from the last Ryder cup which I was fortunate to attend. So much passion at that event and I remember the final day early in the day thinking I hope it’s not a blow out… When it switched and the USA lost was an unreal feeling I will never forget. You could feel the energy change- pure awesomeness really. So as we all create our young champions we have to create the passion that guys feel at the Ryder cup and not a bunch of emotionless, percentage only playing, robots. As good as we can make the players swing they also have to make the right decision and be confident in their decision. They have to know when to be aggressive and when to play safe. They need to know how to win and get it done down the stretch. They need to trust what they have built and be able to hole putts that matter, hit a delicate pitch shot from a tough lie, and learn how to play with the lead and when they are trailing. There are so many elements to coaching… Let’s all coach them to be champions!

Future Champions Golf
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Submitted By: Chris Smeal, PGA
Founder of Future Champions Golf

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