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Get Better at Golf Faster!


Hey everyone,

Wanna get better faster???

A major focus at the FCG Academy is to help our students understand how to analyze their rounds, especially competitive rounds.  Understanding your game better can help you improve quicker!

#1 – Track ALL your stats – Not just fairways, greens, and putts!   Our Academy stat sheet is incredibly detailed and allows players to gain a better understanding of their golf game.  We break down what side of the fairway you missed, long or short on approach shots, proximity to the hole,  short game shots, and so much more.  Take the time to understand your golf game today and see the results roll in!

#2 – Track your Emotional State over shots – What does this mean?  You must recognize when  emotions have taken over your decision making on the golf course due to situations that have happened in the past. Did you miss left on Hole 18 cause of your swing or cause you were so worried about missing right?  Did you airmail the green on Hole 7 with a back flag because on hole 6 you came up short?  Did you hit it out of bounds on hole 2 cause you 3 putted hole 1 and were still mad when you got the the next tee?

#3 – Current Mental Game and Taking it to the Next Level – It is important to grow mentally as your swing and short game skills progress.  What does this mean?  Well, when your swing and short game skills look like you should be breaking par but you are barely breaking 80 there is a lot that needs to be looked at. Self confidence is a major asset to any golfer and most of the time it is not present when a golfer is struggling to produce low scores. There are two different mindsets when it comes to a golfer that shoots in the 60’s and one that shoots in the 80’s. Self confidence only arrives after hours of diligent practice, so focus on trusting your preparation and clear your head of any doubt.  Learn to play  each shot to the best of your ability and make clear decisions without doubt.

#4 – Where are you getting your advice from? Does he/she know how to improve your golf game?  Does he/she have a proven track record of helping players reach the college level?  Are you listening to other players or maybe your parents?   It is important for you to understand the true reason of your mistakes on the golf course   and it is up to your coach to help guide you through this process. MINDSET IS EVERYTHING!  So make sure that you are getting quality advice that you TRUST that can help your golf game reach the next  level.

#5 – Scoring!   One of the most important things you can do is FOCUS ON LEARNING HOW TO SCORE LOWER. Daily rounds are a clear indicator of what you are capable of in tournament rounds so if you are not going low on daily rounds, chances are, you will not be going low come tourament time.  College golf teams play practice rounds from the RED TEES in order to create a mindset of being able to go low! MINDSET is everything!  If you go play the RED TEES and shoot 65 you will know that you can shoot 65, PERIOD!  Regardless of the yardage you SCORED a 65!  The more you repeat this exercise the more comfortable you will feel about shooting sub-par rounds especially in tense situations like tournaments!


Good Luck Everyone!  

Chris Smeal, Founder of Future Champions Golf
Head Coach at the FCG Academy at Stadium Golf Center

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