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How to get the MOST out of a GOLF LESSON

Chris Smeal, FCG Founder shares his best advice on how to get the most out of your golf lessons with your coach.

How to Take Golf Lessons Effectively

#1 – Arrive early and fully warm up so you are ready to go.  Your coach doesn’t not want you to have to go through your entire warm up routine (if you even have one yet). You should be fully stretched out, have already hit every club in your bag and be ready to take the lesson and learn and improve.

#2 – Listen and ask questions if you don’t understand something!

#3 – Be strategic in your mind about what you are working on and why.  What is the end result? What are you trying to achieve with your golf?  Do not just go through the motions.

#4 – At the end of the lesson make sure you review what you have worked on and what the next steps are.

#5 – Practice immediately following your lesson to reinforce what you worked on with your coach.  You should not finish the lesson and get in your car and head home.  The best time to practice is immediately following a lesson and immediately following a round of golf.  After the lesson make sure you work on what you are doing and your coach taught you how to practice how long you will have to focus on this move.  You have to plan to get better.  It doesn’t just happen.

The Future Champions Golf Academy under direction of Chris Smeal is located at Stadium Golf Center in San Diego.  The Academy has produced 87 College Scholarship recipients and over 350 Junior Golf, Professional, Amateur, and College Golf Victories.  The program was established in January 2004 and has grown to have 4 coaches and 1,000’s of students annually takes group and private lessons.  For more information please visit:

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