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What is going on at Stadium Golf Center?

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Since 2004 Future Champions Golf Academy has been rocking with 100’s of kids taking group and private coaching from Chris Smeal and his staff of coaches. Recently, we hired Luis Gaspar from Mexicali, MX to join our coaching team, he brings a ton of energy, excitement, and knowledge to the FCG Academy. Our schedule has recently changed, having added new programs to our website, we are now able to have the opportunity for beginner, intermediate, and advanced junior golfers to train at our facility. Many of the nation’s top college players and nationally ranked juniors currently train at Stadium Golf Center under the previous FCG programs with Chris and his staff. We invite you to join us sometime for a program at Stadium Golf Center which has 72 hitting stations, a 10,000 square foot putting green, 3 short game greens and sand bunker. We are open 6 days a week, Tuesdays through Sundays and we offer the opportunity of taking playing lessons for private and small group coaching on the course.


New Programs

  • Daily group training classes for all levels of players
  • Chris and Luis Group Training Program on Saturday Mornings from 8-10am limited to the first 8 kids that register
  • On Course Group Coaching Programs with Coach Luis

Important facts on our training background

  • chrisheadChris Smeal took up golf at age 15 and by age 17 was a scratch player and by age 18 finished 2nd place in San Diego CIF Finals and 4th in the California State Tournament. He received a college scholarship to play for San Diego State University. Chris uses this experience on how he improved his game and how he trained with his coaches to accelerate the learning for his students.
  • Chris took lessons and studied under some of the best coaches to ever coach the game of golf. One of his mentors was the late Ben Doyle from Quail Lodge in Carmel, CA who taught Chris the inner workings of the swing in a technical way. Chris then dumbed down this information so he could relay this to his students so they could understand.
  • Chris went to several seminars with the late Jim Flick who was a strong influence on his coaching style and beliefs.
  • Chris studied with Carl Welty who coaches Jim McClean and learned how to use video more effectively.
  • IMG_8333Luis took up golf at the age of 15 in Mexicali, Mexico. He studied at Cal Poly Pomona where the game took a serious turn and became a scratch golfer by the age of 20, this inspired him to make golf his lifelong passion.
  • Luis was a student of the San Diego Golf Academy where he learned the fundamentals of teaching the golf swing, he became fascinated by the golf swing and dedicated his time to understanding the differnt ways of swinging a golf club.
  • Luis studied under Don Byrd, Mike Wilson, Ernesto Perez Acosta, Victor Regalado and now Chris Smeal.
  • Luis is dedicated to the understanding of junior golf development, mixing activities and challenges along with fun and dynamic movements to inspire a child to grow within the game of golf.
  • Chris and his staff do not teach a method of teaching or any gimmick marketing system. We work with what each student already does, what they repeat most often and work to enhance it and make it hold up under pressure.
  • Our coaching is a holistic approach as we analyze and look at everything going on with your golf technique, mindset, lifestyle to help determine where best to focus your time to develop into the player you want to be. Chris also believes that how you train as a kid will really influence the type of player you are later and he uses a series of “feel” drills that his students should do often to better groove their golf swing for a lifetime of success.

Academy Accolades

  • 74 College Golf Scholarships earned from our students
  • Over 350 Junior Golf, College Golf, and Professional Victories by students
  • Chris recognized as Golf Digest Top Teacher in CA – 2013, 2014, 2015

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