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The Growing Junior Golfer

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I work with a lot of junior golfers and have come to know first hand that the world of Junior golf is extremely competitive. The amount of talent at the Junior level and the resources poured into clubs, lessons and hours of practice time is astounding. However there is one aspect overlooked in junior golf that gives my athletes an advantage over the rest of the field, their health and fitness. They realize that to out-compete and outlast the competition they must be dedicated to not only improving and adapting their swing, but constantly realizing the need to adjust, adapt, and learn their body as it continues to grow.

Growing Golfer
As junior golfers mature it is imperative that they are prepared to constantly identify, adjust, and control their body during those changes. Changes which constantly throw them out of balance due to height, weight, muscle, and neurological changes making a golf swing increasingly difficult. All the more reason for junior golfers to continuously work on their health and fitness off the course to maintain balance and control of their body. To constantly prepare their body throughout the physical changes during childhood and through their teen years and inevitably improve performance while limiting their risk for injury.

Refitting for new clubs to adjust to a growing golfer is indeed necessary to continually play at your best. Yet if the junior golfer cannot maintain control over what their body does, then all the lessons, practice time and new clubs will not be of any help. Clubs, golf specific skills, and fitness are aspects of the game of Golf that every golfer requires to be successful. Incorporate them at an early age to grow, maintain, and control your body to achieve a higher level of play and gain the competitive advantage over the rest of the field. Remember, the foundation to the golf game starts with proper body movement. The biggest gains can be made here, prior to picking up a club.

Submitted by: Trent Stevenson CSCS, TPI-FP2, USATF
Activ8 Athleticism


About Trent
Trent Stevenson is Lead Golf Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Activ8 Athleticism. A devoted golfer himself, Trent spends considerable time working with up-and-coming junior and collegiate golfers in San Diego county and beyond. Specifically, he works with golfers to promote proper movement patterns that facilitate an increase in golf performance. Trent currently trains members of the Cal State University San Marcos golf team and even provides virtual golf training to young golfers from Asia and Europe who travel the world to compete

Coach Trent is a “fan favorite” among kids in Activ8’s Kids Athletic Performance Program, semi-private group classes for kids ages nine through 17. Under his tutelage, kids focus on building the foundations of athletic development in a fun and positive environment, while helping them build character and self-esteem.

Trent started his career as a personal trainer at In-Shape Health Clubs providing personalized strength, flexibility, and nutritional programming for clients. Subsequently he joined Velocity Sports Performance as a Sports Performance Coach where he worked with youth, high school and collegiate athletes and facilitated adult group fitness classes. He joined Activ8 in 2012.

In 2013, Trent earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a focus on Applied Exercise Science from Cal State University San Marcos (CSUSM). Prior to his studies at CSUSM, Trent studied at Delta College and received his Associate in Arts degree. At Delta College he also played collegiate baseball, which led to an opportunity to play semi-professional baseball with Stockton Glory for two years.

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