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Guanhau (Tiger) Lu (2026)

Guanhau (Tiger) Lu (2026)

Sherwood High School

6’1″ 143 Lbs

4.0 GPA

I started playing golf at age 8 and since then it has become one of the biggest parts of my life. I really like seeing myself get better, and I’m always setting goals for myself like a certain swing speed, or number of 10-footers made in a row. As a freshman I placed 3rd in total shots for the season and was the best player on my team. I’m putting in a ton of effort and I’m extremely dedicated to playing college golf.

Tournament Results

Upcoming Events:

12/16/23 US Kids Teen Series at Boulder Creek (2-day)
12/28/23 17th Annual FCG National Championship (3-day)


Cole Gick (Swing Coach)
(765) 412-3622

Josh Pratt (Former High School Coach)
(503) 548-8539

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