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Future Champions Golf was developed in an effort to build the most successful training ground for junior golfers to develop in the most positive way while experiencing the most success. We believe our formula and core principals are setting us apart from other organizations. And we have a system in place that will help the most kids love the game, desire to work hard and improve, and for many, play at the collegiate level and beyond. Please note that Future Champions Golf has been built for players, for parents, for college coaches, for everyone to enjoy the game of golf in the most awesome setting.

New Improve Your Game Webpage

  • FCG is expanding across the USA and internationally with our recently launched FCG Certified Coaches Program. From our success helping players reach the College Level and avoid burnout we have created a new system to recognize and feature Coaches like us across the globe. The new webpage will feature these FCG Certified Coaches by location and you can easily search to find a FCG Certified Coach in your area. This system will add a ton of excitement to the annual junior golf schedule while also enhancing 100’s of professionals’ junior golf programs. Stay tuned for an abundance of online content provided by our FCG Certified Coaches in the form of videos, webinars, manuals, etc.

Tournament Platform has reached a level that will provide you the following:

  • The only tour where players can participate against international players annually in multiple events
  • Opportunities to develop at every level from beginner golfer to Division 1 College Player
  • Amazing Exposure to College Golf Coaches
  • Educational Opportunities throughout the year to improve your game, improve your mind, and help you learn more about the recruiting process
  • Save $1,000’s of dollars as compared to other developmental systems by not having to qualify to play in big events. Our FCG World Series and FCG National Tour are some of the biggest events in the world and you don’t have to qualify to play. Membership is not required to play in FCG Tour but Members do receive discounts.
  • In 2014 we added FCG Junior Elite Player Status free to all participants, which pairs up players of similar skill in round 1 of every tournament. Round 2 is always paired by score.
Core Principals of FCG

  • Golf is supposed to be Fun
  • Golf is a Game for a Lifetime
  • Family First
  • Create a Positive and Calm Environment to establish a Balanced Life



  • Build a Support System for your Junior Golfer
  • Qualifying Systems are not good for young kids
  • Compete with kids your own age and learn to win at every level


Lastly we hope you enjoy all the Future Champions Golf programs and we hope your childhood and experiences playing golf as a family are memorable, positive, exciting, and fun. If you have any questions, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.


Chris Smeal, PGA
Founder of Future Champions Golf


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