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Julian Gay (2023)

Players Full Name: Julian Gay

Graduation Year: 2023

Gender: Male

High School you attend: Patrick Henry High School

Players Height: 6’0”

Players Weight: 155

Country you live in: United States

GPA: Current semester: 3.5

Cumulative: 3.5

Personal Statement:

After an eight-year hiatus from golf, I returned to the sport I love for my first year at Patrick Henry High School, and it could not have been a better decision. I was instantly hooked, and I could not play enough. I effectively utilized my free time during the COVID lockdown and began the grind playing at every opportunity on my home track, Mission Trails Golf Course. Golf has taught me perseverance since day one, as instead of quitting after I scored my first tournament round in the 120s, I fought back and used it as a learning experience and fuel. As in life, golf has rough patches, but I have learned that the next good break could be right around the corner.

I have prided myself in focusing on Academics and becoming a student-athlete that reaches goals that I set for myself at the beginning of each semester. I plan on continuing to reach these goals in college and become an even stronger student-athlete. Over my high school years, I have learned that although AP and Honors classes require a heavier workload, the benefit of becoming more familiar with the subject helps me learn significantly more. My commitment to working hard and exceeding my goals makes me feel accomplished in a way that money can not buy. Giving up simply is not an option until I reach my full potential.

I have always had an exceptional support system. My parents have been with me every step of the way, encouraging my dreams and helping me grow as a human being. On top of that, my four grandparents and two great-grandparents inspire me to be the best version of myself and have shown me what family means from a young age. I credit my grandmother for first introducing me to the game of golf when I was five years old at Bonita Golf Course, where I received my first few golf lessons. If it were not for this, I would not have chosen to pick up golf again during my freshman year of high school, which is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Having a social life in high school brings many fun experiences, but I have learned the importance of balance. During my junior year, I had my hands full with school work, working as a player assistant at Stadium Golf Center, and still chasing my dreams as a professional golfer. Balancing this was tough, but it taught me the importance of putting school work first and finishing things ahead of time, giving me more time to improve my golf game and have fun with friends.

As a hard worker, the gym instantly captured my interest. I enjoy improving myself by becoming healthier, stronger, and developing a stabler and faster golf swing. I have incorporated going to the gym into my daily routine, as it has become a habit that has shown me what I can become with dedication and discipline. Playing a multitude of sports was an essential part of growing up for me. I played basketball for thirteen years, baseball and soccer for six years, was a football quarterback for two years, and have raced go-karts competitively since the age of five. Sports have always been a massive part of my life which has helped me become a better team player and, most importantly, a leader.

Engineering has always struck my eye while looking at college majors. Math has always been a strength of mine, and working with numbers comes easily to me, making math class enjoyable and an easy environment to learn in. Knowing how to work with technology has also been one of my strengths, as I have always been familiar with computers and have taken coding classes since the eighth grade. Under the mentorship of my friend’s uncle, I was able to assemble my very own PC from scratch when I was fourteen. Researching which computer components to use for the best value, reliability, and performance was a spectacular learning experience that taught me the importance of research and even more about how computers work and what makes them work.

With my work ethic, persistence, and leadership I have learned throughout my childhood, I will bring these skills to the table at any university I attend and to the golf team I play for. These life skills have built me up to be the person I am today, and I am committed to improving the lives of those around me and learning as much as I can along the way. College is the exciting next step in my life, and I plan on making the most of it.


***Swing Videos – Send You Tube Clip Link (do not send the raw video file, we need it already linked for our software)


Tournament Resume: (List up to your Ten Best Tournaments within the past two years)

80-81 Encinitas Ranch

79 2022 CIF @ La Costa

79 2022 CIF SDS Championship @ Balboa

75-75 @ Twin Oaks

36 @ Mission Trails (front) (Highschool Match)



Upcoming Tournament Schedule:
FCG National Tour Veterans Championship @ Arrowood GC November 12-13

Link to your Blue Golf Player Profile:

List Two References:  (Swing Coach, Mentor, High School Coach, Other)

Chris Smeal (Swing Coach/Mentor)

Gary McMinn (Patrick Henry Highschool Varsity Golf Coach)





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