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Kids Tour Spring Series 2.11.18: Welk Resort Golf Course

Our Kids Tour Spring Series event kicked off the 2018 season at the Welk Resort Golf Course playing on Oaks Course. With our older divisions of Boys 11-12, Boys 13-14, Boys 9-10, and also Girls 11-12 playing from the back tees from 1,837 yards with a par of 54. While our younger division playing from the forward tee boxes at 851 yards with a par of 27.

Our older division of Boys 13-14 was close to the finish, taking home for 3rd place award is Cristian Benson carding an 75 in his round. Aiden Aguilera was able to hold on down the stretch to take home the 2nd place award. However it was Nicholas Chavarin being able to hold on to his lead going into the last few holes and carding an 63.

The Boys 11-12 division also kept it interesting down the final stretch as Ethan Craft was able to secure his 3rd place spot and shooting an round of 71. Taking home the second place trophy was Tyler Jennings shooting an 65. Rounding out the Boys 11-12 division is Yihao Liu shooting a solid round of 64.

Our Boys 9-10 also was able to take advantage of the beautiful course conditions. Javen Troy Equipilag carded an 78 for his 3rd place victory. While in second place Lance Lau carded an solid performance of 66. Taking home the 1st place trophy is Connor Szozechowicz, shooting an solid round of 61.


The Boys 7-8 also was able to keep it close down the stretch as both Jaden Nacional and Dane Van Rowell both carded an 35 for their 9 hole round. FCG rules to when it comes to ties is the lowest back 9 score. In this case, it was Dane Van Rowell who took home the 3rd place trophy. Enzo Taylor was able to hold his 1 shot lead doing into the final few holes and got 2nd place carding an 34. As the boys kept it close to the end, Jeffery Kim help the pressure winning the division carding an rond of 33.


Our final Boys division of 6 and Under also took advantage of the beautiful course at Welk. Saul Gerardo Yanez took home the 3rd place trophy shooting an round of 46. Cruz Garcia was able to keep an steady pace and is secured him an 2nd place award shooting a round of 41. While it was Benjamin Sakoulas winning his age group carding an 35 for his round. 

Our Girls 11-12 division was able to enjoy their round and card solid scores. In 3rd place, is Lee Jun Kim carding an solid score of 68. While holding her 1 shot lead, Charlotte Cantonis carded an 67 for 2nd place. Being able to win her division shooting an 64 is Sofia Gomez-Inowe.

We want to congratulate our Girls 7-8 champion Sierra Jennings who shot 53 in her round.Our final Girls group was also close down the stretch and both enjoyed their fun and friendly rounds. In second place is Saili Senteno carded an 53 in her round and winning the division is Danielle Wilcox carding an 51 for her round.

Future Champions want to thank all of our participants in this event and also want to congradulate our top finishers!

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