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Kiley Reisner (2025)

Kiley Reisner (2025)

High School: Simi Valley High School (USA)

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 150

GPA: 4.0

Personal Statement: I play golf everyday, if I am not playing I am practicing. I have been severely working on my game and am improving each day. Since 2018 I have been playing golf. My GPA is very good, I try to balance school and golf as much as I can. Me and my family play golf every weekend or we are in a tournament. Golf is my passion and I hope to do this as my career.

Tournament Results: Link

Upcoming Events:

SCGA Junior Amateur Golf Championship at Morongo Tukwet 10/15-10/16
FCG St. Mark Tournament 11/5-11/6
FCG Rancho Bernardo Inn 12/10-12/11

Coaches: Coach Garret Pendleton(Highschool Coach)
Cory Reisner(Swing Coach)

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