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Longtime Member of the FCG Family passed away this week

Longtime Member of the FCG Family passed away this week

Making the best of the 2017 PGA show but with a very very heavy heart with the passing of Tonya Petchel. Nothing I can say will ever be enough but she was the kindest and sweetest woman ever. She wanted everyone to be happy and healthy and having fun always. Never wanted to upset anyone. She was a huge part in the development of FCG along with her husband JJ and their two amazing kids. She created a culture within our program on her own, whether she knew it or not. People would always say how nice and how great she was at the events. I miss her smile and I miss seeing her at our events and the peaceful energy she brought to everyone. She was the one capturing memories through photos for several years and above the competition she made her point to capture what’s truly important which is the memories created through golf, friends, and family. There was one night in Palm Springs I remember dearly when I told her that any school in the country would be lucky to have her daughter Texie on their team. Most parents don’t know the value or how important character is when college coaches choose who to recruit. Just cause you’re good means nothing to me… how about being good but being an awesome person too. Tonya and Jj raised 2 superstars in Texie and Blake And I’m so thankful for the relationship I’ve personally had with their whole family. We lost an angel this week 🙁

Chris Smeal, FCG Founder

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  1. JJ and Tonya introduced our family to FCG. Alli’s favorite tournaments were with FCG because she felt like she was part of a family. We met wonderful families and made life long friends. The family environment was because of people like Tonya who was kind to everyone. We are grateful for years of friendship and will continue to have JJ, Texie and Blake in our lives. Thank you Tonya for your sweet presence. You will always be in our hearts.

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